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Anavar is a very powerful anabolic steroid, used by athletes to gain muscle mass. If it is easily tolerated by men, but also by women, it nevertheless presents risks of side effects, which can be harmful for your health.

In this article, we explain why Anavar is popular in the bodybuilding world. But also the dangers that can be exposed by consuming this steroid. If its effects interest you, we know fortunately a legal alternative: the Anvarol, marketed by the site Crazy Bulk.

Anavar (Oxandrolone) Coupon code and Discount Deals

What is Anavar?

Anavar is a steroid that appeared on the market in the 60s. It was then used to treat certain diseases. And especially allow patients to regain weight after surgery or infection. Anavar was also used to treat osteoporosis because of its beneficial effect on the bones. Ditto for hepatitis since Anavar is considered a growth hormone and therefore helps promote the growth of children by balancing their hormonal production.

However, following studies on the long-term effects of this steroid, the FDA has chosen to ban its production. Since then, and even if it is marketed under another name (Oxandrolone), Anavar is illegal in the United States, but also in France.

Its composition

Anavar is an androgenic compound derived from DHT. It is an altered form of this hormone that will prevent it from degrading and thus boost its anabolic effect. Considered lighter than other steroids, Anavar has anabolic properties that are three to six times stronger than testosterone.

It is therefore a very useful product during the cutting cycles, but also to boost its sports performance. Anavar is also known for its relatively low androgenic rating, which makes it easier to tolerate. And therefore less harmful than other anabolic steroids.

The effects of Anavar for mass gain

The Anavar has been popular since its inception among bodybuilders seeking to boost their performance. But also those wishing to develop their musculature.

He will act on several levels. Starting with the retention of nitrogen that will allow your cells to better synthesize proteins. This will allow you to develop your muscle mass faster, also avoiding the melting of your muscles (catabolism). It also increases the levels of free testosterone, which boosts the effectiveness of steroids. The Anavar is a very good product stacker (especially with Dianabol, or the Clen).

By reducing your production of glucocorticoid hormones, Anavar also prevents fat gain. And the destruction of your muscle tissue. In general, it is an excellent fat burner (a good point if you are in a dry phase) and appetite suppressant. It is therefore advisable to take lean muscle mass, and improve its retention (even reducing its calorie intake).

The Anavar therefore allows to gain muscle mass, without it being due to the retention of water. It also boosts your physical performance, and therefore the amplitude of training and their intensity. It is also known to improve muscle endurance, but also cardiovascular. However, it is advisable to cut it with other steroids to boost the weight gain. Or in addition to a diet to lose fat and define the musculature.

And its side effects

But anabolic steroids do not only have beneficial effects for the human body. If they are illegal, it is also and above all that they present risks of side effects. And even if Anavar has a tolerability rate quite high, and with the right dosage, it should not be a problem, the dangers exist.

The good points of the Anavar is that it does not usually cause gynecomastia, nor water retention. The risks of hypertension are also quite low. But in terms of androgen, the risks are very present. Men can lose their hair (especially if they are predisposed to baldness). Ditto for skin problems. For women, pay attention to the risks of virilization (deep voice, hair, etc.)

But the most disturbing is the effect of Anavar on your bad cholesterol. Indeed, many studies have shown that anavar can lower your good cholesterol, and increase the bad by more than 30%. This steroid should be avoided if you have a history of cholesterol. And in any case, adapt your diet during an Anavar cure.

Anavar is also harmful to the liver.

Anvarol: the legal alternative

The main disadvantage of Anavar, in addition to its harmful effects on your health, is that it is not possible to buy legally in France. Impossible to have it prescribed, or to find it in a pharmacy. This increases the risk of buying counterfeits, even more dangerous.

This is why it is better to turn to a legal alternative. Anvarol, marketed by the specialist of supplements for sportsman, Crazy Bulk. Like the Anvarol, it is ideal in the cutting cycle and helps improve lean muscle retention. It can also be combined with Clen, Tren, or even Winsol (the Winstrol substitute).

The Anvarol will also help you boost your physical strength and get rid of your fat stores, while maintaining your muscles. It is also known to boost your ATP levels, which gives your muscles the energy they have. need to lift heavier loads. Or maintain a larger amplitude of repetitions.

The recommended dosage

To benefit from the effects of Anvarol (and obtain visible results from the first 30 days) and increase your muscle density and hardness, it is nevertheless important to respect the dosage indicated by the manufacturer. Taking higher doses would only increase the risk of side effects that this legal alternative can prevent.

It is therefore advisable to take 3 capsules daily. Simultaneously, preferably, and 15 minutes before your workout. For best results, follow a 2-month cycle. And stick to a 10-day break before re-starting a new Anvarol cycle. A box containing 30, you will have to buy 6. But thanks to the discounts presented on the site, you will only have to pay 4.

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