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Andro 400 Reviews – Do Andro 400 Pills Really Work? About Men’s


Andro 400 Overview is a product of Natural health and solutions. There are lots of companies which aim to have this product manufactured. But they have no websites or such other sorts of links where it can be verified that who has made it.

Predominantly Andro 400 is well known for the enhancement of the testosterones and for the reduction of the belly fats to have positive impacts regarding the enhancement of the testosterones. It is also useful in increasing energy of the body and improves sexual performance of the males. Andro 400 is considered as the best solution for the person who is in middle age because it enhances and improves the male sex drive.


You will be shocked when you come across the truth about the ingredients of Andro 400. Amazingly it is only made up of a single component which is known as Eurycoma Longifolia. It is used in it in 150 mille gram (mg).


Now the question is that what really is Eurycoma Longifolia? Let us take a look at this ingredient in a bit detail.

Eurycoma Longifolia is a huge and tall shrub tree and evergreen in its nature. It is usually found in the Southeast Asia countries. It is believed in Malaysia that its teas enhance the sexual ability of the men. It is so demanded that now it is under threat that one day it will be rare. That is why it is regarded as protected plant. It is mainly used for;

  • Treatment of male sex problems.
  • Treatment of the erectile dysfunctions.
  • Enhancing sex interest in males.
  • Imparting energy.
  • Raising athlete’s energy levels to perform better.
  • Not only for the sexual treatment but it is also effective for the treatment of the malaria, ulcers, high blood pressures, tuberculosis, cough headache and other such diseases.
  • Eurycoma Longifolia itself contains many chemicals which are beneficial for the humans and used for different purposes. However the most important use of this plant is for the treatment of hormones testosterones as it increase the testosterone to a great level in the males, so they may perform sex in a healthy way.


The manufacturers of Andro 400 have claimed that it has no well known side effects but it is not the case. Many of its users have reported its limitations. One of its users said that;

“It does not work according to my expectations and also it does helped in reducing my belly fats’’.

Another user said;

“His neurologist told him that you should avoid using Andro 400”.

Andro 400 is composed of only one key ingredient and that is why doubt comes in the mids of people. It is not as effective in the treatment of the sex drive as many of its users are not satisfied from it. The most ambiguous thing about this supplement is that no one knows it scientific formula. Even its manufacturers have not shown it.


You have idea about Andro 400. It is not as effective as other products in the market. It has only one ingredient due to which people have reservations using it. Its manufacturers are not known to anyone. It has high price in spite of its little number of components.

Most importantly, it has very few good reviews and majority of its customers are not happy about its performance. It does not work for them and do not provide the results. What it claimed is to improve the sex drive of males but it does not proved so. It is strongly recommended that one should avoid using it.


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