Arnold Schwarzenegger steroids, Height, Weight, Age

Arnold Schwarzenegger steroids, Height, Weight, Age

In an editorial published on the CNN website, Arnold Schwarzenegger explained the long life process of bodybuilding. In a very inspiring message, he denounces the miracle methods that bring down the arms and calls all his fans to resume the right path of bodybuilding.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is definitely a really amazing character. After playing the switchboard operators in the after-sales service of a brand of food supplements, the Terminator published a mood ticket on the CNN website. His message, full of kindness tends to inspire his fans.

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Back 50 years back

In the beginning of his editorial, Arnold Schwarzenegger confides his desire to “lift the entire fitness industry” since his first title of Mister Olympia, 50 years ago. By lift he means of course to change the codes of a bodybuilding seen at this time an evil eye. “Today, we all know the benefits (of bodybuilding, ed.) But 50 years ago, the battle was tough, gymnasiums were rare and those that existed were often inhospitable dungeons. fitness, telling people it was bad for health I knew movie stars who had discovered the benefits of bodybuilding and who said they were naturally muscular Even some professional athletes have avoided the gym because of myths that lifting weights would make them muscular and less mobile, “recalls the 71-year-old actor.

The problems of bodybuilding today

The former governor of California has also returned to what has become the cult of the body today. He strongly regrets the misconceptions, fake diets and shortcuts that abound and routinely abandon practitioners. “The current health and wellness sector is lacking: hard work and solid science have been replaced by fads, false promises and magic pills.” When you are promised something like hard abs at the stone in 28 days, you are told that a special tea is enough to lose the last 10 kilos or you are bombarded with noisy ads as legitimate information, it is easy to understand why so many people give up and give up, “recalls he adds, “it’s time for the fitness industry to be honest with people, there’s no gadget, there’s no shortcut, there’s no pill The fitness journey for everyone will be unique, but a healthy lifestyle requires commitment, patience and motivation. ” Inspiring.

Back on his comeback after his operation

Remember, Arnold Schwarzenegger had a heart operation a few months ago. He himself used to take care of his body had to question to be able to find the way to the gym. “I had to use a walker, I had to do breathing exercises five times a day to rehabilitate my lungs, I was frustrated and angry, and in my worst moments I could not see the path that would take me back to my old me”. Three months later, the actor was already on the set of Terminator. After years of being one of the heaviest, he focused solely on daily goals. “I’d love to tell you it was because of a product, a workout or a diet, but it was not, I just kept walking, I continued to breathe I continued to try, I was lucky, I had a huge team around me who was always supporting me Finally I entered the gym and started with the movements without weight “. Arnold Schwarzenegger, make movements without weight. Unreal.

To be better tomorrow than today

In the end, where Schwarzy is coming from is that no matter what form and capacity we have, we must become better every day, starting today. “Do not wait for New Year’s resolutions, do not wait for your own cardiac surgery or emergency, start now, and ask a friend to join you, I’m not asking you to reject all the delicious food you’ll see this holiday season, because I would never do it either, I just ask you to be better tomorrow than you are today and to inspire a person who is close to your heart to join you “. The important thing for him is not to seek glory and a perfect body, but simply to improve. “If you and your training partner walked 5,000 steps yesterday, walk 5,001 today, if you ate a vegetable yesterday, eat two tomorrow.” If you push-up for the first time today Now, do two tomorrow. “Although it is generally addressed to Americans, in France we can largely take into account this speech. Read and reread if you are out of inspiration.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger steroids, Height, Weight, Age

Arnold Schwarzenegger Height 1.88 m and Weight 113 kg . Arnold Schwarzenegger Age is 71 years. Arnold Schwarzenegger Net Worth is $400 million dollars. Arnold Schwarzenegger has “Brown”  Hair and eye color is “Black”.

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