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Bio Jolt Male Enhancement Reviews:

Bio Jolt Male Enhancement

With Bio Jolt Male Enhancement, erectile dysfunction and problems with potency are a thing of the past. Well, at least the manufacturer’s promise. Problems with erection or potency burden more and more German men and limit their own sexuality enormously. Accordingly, a quick and effective solution is necessary here.

We have worked intensively with this sexual enhancer. In the following article you will find everything you need to know about Bio Jolt Male Enhancement.

What is Bio Jolt Male Enhancement?

Erection problems are no longer a question of age. More and more young men are also suffering from the loss of their own potency and libido. Appropriate means should offer a solution here. Various food supplements are sold under the name Bio Jolt Male Enhancement, which are intended to promote libido and thus also a male erection.

According to the manufacturer, users of the Bio Jolt Male Enhancement capsules should be able to benefit from the purely natural sexual enhancer without suffering from side effects. With the help of the different preparations that are offered by the manufacturer, the needs of different age groups should be covered.

What is the expected impact?

The manufacturer promises a quick Bio Jolt Male Enhancement effect by using the capsules. For example, a strong and long erection should occur within 60 minutes after ingestion. In addition, users would also feel an increase in their own sexual desire.

The special ingredients of the preparation ensure, among other things. for better blood circulation. Unlike with chemical erectile dysfunction, the use of Bio Jolt Male Enhancement should be completely free of side effects, such as headaches. According to the manufacturer, taking one capsule a day is enough to feel an improvement.

Bio Jolt Male Enhancement

Our rating:

The statements of the manufacturer sounded promising. So we decided to test the Bio Jolt Male Enhancement capsules with a volunteer who has been suffering from a lack of potency for some time. Already the first intake of the capsules did not show the promised effect in our test person.

There was no erection even several hours after taking it. The sexual desire of our tester had also not improved after taking the preparation for a long time. Based on our results, we cannot give a positive rating for the Bio Jolt Male Enhancement capsules.

There is an Effective Alternative:

In addition to the non-existent effect, we have noticed numerous points regarding Bio Jolt Male Enhancement in the further course of our research, which do not speak for a serious and trustworthy preparation. But since erection and potency problems are a very sensitive issue, we looked for an alternative product that we can present to our readers as an effective alternative. In the table below you can see a comparison of both products.

Bio Jolt Male Enhancement Classic Experiences and Reviews:

In addition to our own evaluation, we were also interested in what other users know about the capsules. Accordingly, we looked for Bio Jolt Male Enhancement experiences on the Internet from customers who have already taken this sexual enhancer.

The first customer wrote in his review of Bio Jolt Male Enhancement that he was happy to finally have found a purely herbal sexual enhancer.

Intake and Dosage:

According to the manufacturer, the Bio Jolt Male Enhancement should be taken one hour before the planned sex. To do this, the capsule should be swallowed whole and taken with enough water. The intake should lead to a strong and long erection within 60 minutes. However, no more than two capsules should be taken per day.

In addition, the manufacturer also indicates that the capsules should only be taken from the age of 18. Furthermore, Bio Jolt Male Enhancement must not be taken in combination with alcohol. However, the manufacturer does not provide any further information on the intake and dosage.

Bio Jolt Male Enhancement Ingredients:

According to the manufacturer, the ingredients in the capsules are all purely vegetable. However, gelatin is also specified as the active ingredient. This is an animal product and is used in most cases to coat the capsules. This makes capsules easier to take. Due to the gelatin used, the preparation is not suitable for vegans and vegetarians. The following active ingredients are mentioned as further Bio Jolt Male Enhancement ingredients:

  • Tribulus terestris
  • L-arginine
  • Peruvian maca
  • L-citrulline
  • L-lysine
  • Theobromine
  • Titanium dioxide

L-arginine: L-arginine is required for the formation of nitric oxide. This in turn relaxes the muscles and blood vessel walls. In this way, blood circulation in the entire body can be positively influenced. L-arginine allows the smooth muscle of the penis to relax, which favors an erection. Because of this, Bio Jolt Male Enhancement should actually have an effect.

Maca: Maca contains a lot of manganese, iron, copper, calcium and zinc. The contained plant sterols are similar to testosterone. In this way, blood flow to the pelvic tissue can be promoted.

L-Citrulline: L-Citrulline has long been considered a natural erectile enhancer and is often used in preparations such as Bio Jolt Male Enhancement. The blood vessels can expand and better blood flow is made possible. In this way, a natural erection can be promoted.

L-lysine: The essential amino acid cannot be produced in the human body itself and must therefore be ingested through food. In addition, this amino acid is an important building block of the different human proteins and therefore has an influence on the muscles.

Theobromine: Theobromine, which is contained in Bio Jolt Male Enhancement, is characterized by a vasodilatory effect. In addition, the smooth muscles are relaxed in this way. Theobromine has a similar effect on the body as caffeine.

What other products does the manufacturer offer?

The manufacturer currently offers various products under the name Bio Jolt Male Enhancement, all of which are intended to promote the potency or erection and sexual desire of users. However, the individual preparations cover different user needs.

Bio Jolt Male Enhancement® Classic:

Bio Jolt Male Enhancement Classic is a purely herbal sexual enhancer that should be taken about an hour before sex. However, no more than two capsules should be consumed a day. The manufacturer promises a quick effect and hard erection within 60 minutes.

In addition, sexual desire should be supported. Taking the Bio Jolt Male Enhancement Classic capsules should make the penis bigger and thicker.

Bio Jolt Male Enhancement® Extra Long:

With the help of Bio Jolt Male Enhancement Extralong, the duration of the sexual act is to be extended. The capsules should be taken 60 minutes before the planned sexual intercourse. According to the manufacturer, this leads to a harder erection and an increase in sexual desire.

The ingredients of the Bio Jolt Male Enhancement Extralong capsules prolong sexual intercourse because the ejaculation is delayed. With this preparation, too, no more than two capsules per day should be taken.

Bio Jolt Male Enhancement® Ultragold:

Bio Jolt Male Enhancement Ultragold is a natural sexual enhancer for men over 40. These capsules should be taken in the morning and in the evening with sufficient liquid. However, the daily dose of two capsules should not be exceeded. Due to the ingredients and regular intake, the hormone balance of the users should change.

This would allegedly increase testosterone levels, leading to an increase in libido and erection. The manufacturer recommends using the Bio Jolt Male Enhancement Ultragold capsules even if you want to have children. For an optimal result, the capsules should be taken over a period of at least three months.

Are there Side Effects?

The manufacturer promises that side effects are excluded when taking Bio Jolt Male Enhancement. This is justified with the purely natural and herbal active ingredients. However, herbal and natural substances are not always free from side effects or undesirable side effects.

These preparations can also cause intolerance, hypersensitivity reactions or allergies. Side effects such as gastrointestinal complaints or nausea cannot be completely excluded, even with herbal preparations. If you are allergic or hypersensitive to one or more of the ingredients in the Bio Jolt Male Enhancement capsules, we do not recommend taking the preparation.

Where can you buy Bio Jolt Male Enhancement?

You can only buy the potency drug Bio Jolt Male Enhancement via the manufacturer’s sales page. Since these capsules do not have a pharmaceutical central number (PZN), you cannot buy this preparation in online pharmacies or in local pharmacies. Even drugstores like dm or Rossmann do not offer this dietary supplement.

In addition, we could not find any evidence in our research that the Bio Jolt Male Enhancement capsules are sold in online shops or on trading platforms such as Amazon or Ebay.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Erection and potency problems are associated with great shame for the men concerned. Accordingly, going to the doctor is very often avoided. How you can treat these problems apart from taking sexual enhancers and what else you should know about Bio Jolt Male Enhancement can be found in the following questions and answers.

  1. What are the causes of potency problems?
  2. Who is Bio Jolt Male Enhancement not suitable for?
  3. Are the reviews on the sales page real?
  4. Who is Bio Jolt Male Enhancement?
  5. How can the potency be increased?

Bio Jolt Male Enhancement Review:

Potency and erection problems burden the affected men enormously. They do not feel like a real man and this in turn leads to enormous pressure, under which those affected put themselves under pressure. A vicious cycle begins, from which there seems to be no escape.

However, this vicious cycle can be broken by taking sexual enhancers. Out of shame and fear, however, many men shy away from going to the doctor to get a suitable remedy. Instead, they are looking for an effective preparation on the Internet, as Bio Jolt Male Enhancement promises.

The highly advertised capsules showed no effect in our test. In addition, many other users also report that they did not see any improvement in potency after taking it. Accordingly, we cannot classify Bio Jolt Male Enhancement as effective.

Instead, we would like to recommend an alternative product to men, the effect of which users can rely on. Based on our research and test, we cannot make a purchase recommendation for Bio Jolt Male Enhancement.

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