Calum Von Moger Steroids, Height, Weight, Age, Diet

Calum Von Moger Steroids, Height, Weight, Age, Diet

In 2010, Calum participated in his first competition in Australia at the age of 20. Despite his young age, he won the tournament and took first place in the Junior M. Universe category. He will later win the NABBA Junior International Championships. Since then, he has been training constantly while serving as a muse for some brands of products, and by transmitting his knowledge on bodybuilding to young people around the world. This career ambition will push him later to buy a house in the heart of Los Angeles, California.

Today, Calum von Moger is considered by many as the successor of Arnold Schwarzenegger, even though he comes from Austria and Calum comes from Australia. The two men share a lot of similarities, ranging from their particular accent to their physics, to their old school influence, their rather spicy humor … These similarities have also earned the growing popularity of Calum von Moger on social networks, where he now has millions of followers.

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The youth of Calum von Moger

Born in 1990, Calum started training at a very young age with his big brother. At that time, he lifts heavy weights while dreaming that one day he will become as strong as his old school heroes, including Steve Reeves and Schwarzenegger. The first gym that his brother showed him at the age of 14 was just a former warehouse. This large room with rusty equipment was made available to the two boys, by an owner who feared that they would introduce quietly at night to train. In his youth, Calum was especially looking for the size and strength of his brother, who, in a way, instilled in him a passion for bodybuilding.

The explosion of social networks

Present on all social networks, including Facebook (2.5 million fans), Instagram (2.9 million followers) and Youtube (756,145 subscribers), Calum is distinguished on these platforms by his desire to keep his fans at the forefront of trends. Throughout the day, he regularly posts photos and videos of his workouts, friends, fitness stars and even a part of his private life. One of the most viral videos of von Moger is the one where he presents a snapshot taken with his hero Arnold. Another video that also made the buzz, with 4 million views, is the one where he films a training technique to win the chest.

Like all the stars of fitness, Calum von Moger feeds a complete website whose e-shop part is regularly stocked with e-books, dietary supplements and clothing. Its “STAUNCH” range of supplements includes such common products as stimulants, pre-workout supplements, whey proteins, creatine, essential amino acids (BCAAS).

The diet of Calum von Moger

The young Australian admits having a high rate of metabolism (rapid metabolism), which allows him to eat much more than a normal person without gaining weight. Moreover, his diet is very simple: to gain fat, just eat more, and to lose weight, just consume less. In addition, it does not seem very strict with his diet, which allows him to eat a lot of meats and potatoes, without risk of unbalancing his basic metabolism. The typical young man’s breakfast includes eggs, fruit, milk, ice cream and a smoothie. At dinner, her favorite meal consists of a steak, potatoes and a salad.

What about steroids?

Unlike most other fitness celebrities, von Moger openly admits to using steroids in one of his videos posted on social networks. According to him, he has never talked about steroids in order not to promote the use of these substances. Moreover, for Calum, the only reason that justifies its use is to remain competitive during competitions. For us, this is a sincere response to the steroid issue, especially as the current industry is filled with steroids that are not all equal. But what does a steroid cycle look like for Calum? The following treatment spans 16 weeks to prepare the young man for competitions:

  • 1000 mg per week of testosterone enanthate,
  • 500 mg per week of trenbolone enanthate,
  • 800 mg per week of primobolan,
  • 80 mg daily of anavar (oxandrolone) for the first 6 weeks of the cycle,
  • 75 mg per day winstrol (stanozolol) for the first 6 weeks of the cycle,
  • 6 IU per day of HGH (human growth hormone or somatropin),
  • 4 IU per day of insulin,
  • And 20 mg a day of cardarine.

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Calum’s diet advice

Calum’s diet is centered around two words: protein, carbohydrates. It does mean, however, that you do not count the exact amount of carbohydrate and protein you consume. All you need to do is take 5 or 6 meals a day while following the tips that are listed below:

  • Prioritize proteins, especially proteins derived from animal meat,
  • Complete this ration in an intelligent way,
  • Take 5 or 6 meals a day,
  • Prepare your diet from classic diets:
  • Chicken, beef, pork and rice;
  • Fish, minced meat and rice;
  • Eggs, yoghurt and oatmeal;
  • Meat and potatoes with vegetables;
  • Protein shakes.

Calum Von Moger Height 1.88 m and Weight 245 – 255lbs (111.1 – 115.7kg) . Calum Von Moger Age is 28 Years Old. Calum Von Moger Net Worth is $2 million dollars. Calum Von Moger has “Brown” hair and eye color is “Light Brown”.

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