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Dorian Yates is an English bodybuilder, he was six times Mr. Olympia from 1992 to 1997. Known for his titanic back, he has definitely evolved professional bodybuilding towards mass to excess. His intense training was innovative compared to what we used to see. Dorian Yates was in favor of making few series with little repetition, but performed with maximum intensity. In 1996, he directed “Blood and Guts”, his training video that is still legendary for many bodybuilders. Today retired bodybuilding competitions (since 1997), he remains very active in his sport thanks to his reputation, his training techniques. He has developed his range of dietary supplements, Dorian Yates Nutrition. Here is an excerpt from an article by Dorian Yates published in the April / May 1997 issue of FLEX magazine. This article refers to the victory of Dorian Yates in 1996. It has been 20 years since this article was written and the comments are always so much supposed. Sometimes it’s good to put ideas back in place. The continual flow of information and misinformation tends to obscure the very essence of muscle building.

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Dorian Yates, Article in FLEX April / May 1997:

My fifth consecutive victory for the title of Mr. Olympia 1996 should bury once and for all, this old misunderstanding claiming that Dorian Yates is only a mass issue. This is the biggest competition for the best champions around the world, so each of us must present a physical always changing, always in progress as well in terms of quality, definition, symmetry and of the mass. It’s about showing the world something new every time we go on stage. For the 1996 show; I was more likely to do this than in 1995, because everything started with injuries that led me to change my training. For most of the season leading up to Mr Olympia 1995, I recovered rotator cuff damage and biceps and quadriceps tears. As these injuries were serious, I did not want to amputate my season, so I reviewed my training by eliminating the damaging movements and replacing them with effective exercises but not aggravating my injuries.

The secret ? Do not change anything

I’m losing patience with people who are surprised at the obvious. First example, their great surprise on the fact that I continue to progress year after year, without changing anything in my program and how I can do to be in the same physical condition at each competition. The secret ? I do not change anything. Somewhere along the way, we are moving away from moral perseverance and determination that leaves us no respite. I think this is only due to a weakness of character that allows us to pervert the original intent of philosophies such as instinctive training, muscle confusion and recovery. These ideas, healthy concepts, later gave lazy bodybuilders an excuse to avoid the rigors of real work. Sorry to disappoint you, but bodybuilding is not a dodge. It is a hard and painful work, always uncomfortable and sometimes horribly monotonous but, by this simple fact, one of the greatest reward we can have.A muscle develops when you tear it down.You will have to do it again. the same way as soon as it has recovered.The longer this process lasts, the faster you develop.

Conversely, work a muscle from a certain angle on a certain day, then wait indefinitely before working it again from a different angle, and this development process can never be realized. My workouts are set and predictable like sunrise and sunset. I have not changed anything in years, except in case of need because of injury and even in this case, I made as few changes as possible until the wound was healed: That is, say, use a Smith Machine instead of a bar or change my plug for rowing with bar. At any time, you can watch your watch and calendar to see which muscle group I work in and how I work. If I suffer from an injury, I try to find the exercises that are closest to the ones I was doing before as long as it allows me not to aggravate the injury and to lift as hard and as heavy as I can, just what it takes to not hurt me more. Successful bodybuilders are the ones who have the most pride in the way they train, only in their looks; and rightly so, because the last one never comes first. Face each day with the intention of doing better than you did the day before, and do not give up until you have triumphed. This is what makes life worth living. I stopped the developed heavy neck to replace them with heavy developed with dumbbells. In place of the bench press or declined, I made the inclined heavy development and a little machine work. I had also used a supine hold for my rowings at the bar, but this led me to my bicep tear, so I resumed my normal pronation. More importantly, I brought more details and paid more attention to how to do my movements.

Dorian’s formula for recovery

The irony of training is that as you develop your muscles, you also create the stress that destroys them. If you do not give yourself time to recover, the muscle will never learn to adapt and so you will not have a chance to grow. Each person has his own pace of recovery that dictates his needs. However, remember that it can vary. For me, for example, I sometimes do not hesitate to take an extra day off at the end of a week, it depends on how I trained during the week. Between my series, my rest time is instinctive, but it is never longer than the minimum required for me to resume and give 100% to the next series. Stay focused. You do not try to do an aerobic workout; you are trying to become bigger and stronger. With this in mind, I’m sure to differentiate between my aerobic sessions and my sessions with additional charges.

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Dorian Yates steroids, Height, Weight, Age, Workout, Now

Dorian Yates Height 1.77 m and Weight 21 kg . Dorian Yates Age is 56Dorian Yates Net Worth is $4 million dollars. Dorian Yates has “Black Hair”  and eye color is “Brown”.

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