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FastSize Extender: SIDE EFFECTS & Tips + Results INSIDE!

FastSize Extender OVERVIEW:

Fastsize extender is a device used for the enlargement of the penis. It was manufactured in 1996 for the experiment of the penis enlargement. Company which made size extender also offered other penis enlargement devices at different rates and sizes. Fastize extender is quite different from the other products as it provides its users more width, length and strength. It is effective in the treatment of a disease called peyrorine and the sexual disability or dysfunction in men. However there is no official web page for this particular product and it can be seen on different pages and you can buy it from there too. It is available at the price of $300.


Fastsize extender has three primary claims that it works best for;

  1. Penis growth or enlargement.
  2. Girth increases.
  3. Highly effective in penis erecting.

The company has claimed that by stretching the penis which creates feeble damages to the human skin and in the result penis size is extended. This device has basically a ring which is fit at the base with the combination of the silicon strap. The silicon strap wraps around the penis head. This wrapping is very helpful in the strengthening of the penis. When the tissues of the penis are extended then cell division occurs which eventually leads to the enlargement of the penis and one get longer, larger and thick penis. But this is not the case in reality as many users have reported certain limitations of this device which is a point of concern for its users and readers. The biggest one is the breakdown of the penis tissues. As some men have much sensitive tissues which cannot be recovered and get damaged permanently. The fast size manufacturers have advised the users to use it for at least 6 months for perfect output. Many of its users claim that it does not help in making the penis erect and healthy. One should use it with the proper advice of his medical instructor. The manufacturers also claim that it will increase the penis size up to 35% from the original size.


Many of its users reported a number of limitations of this size extender. There is lots of misguidance regarding this product on their internet and people are badly affected using it.

  • It is highly un-useful and misbranded.
  • It is manufactured under no rules and regulations and it is not up to the mark that one should prefer it or use it.
  • The claim of the producers was to get the erecting, stronger and healthier penis and getting rid of the peyronie’s disease. But it is not effective as claimed.
  • One of its major limitations is that it is not approved by the FDA AND THE manufacturing company has not given handy information about the use of size extender.
  • FDA issued that this company is misbranded and all of its products are not approved and not up to the mark. It does not meet the requirements of the best manufacturing practices.


This product is scam and it does not help anyone to increase the penis size. It damages the penis tissues and brings more complications to it. Many of its positive reviews on the internet are fake and cannot be trusted anyway. It is not certified and approved by the It does not meet the requirements of the best manufacturing practices.

Do not use it or buy it and I will personally advice you to avoid it and prefer some alternative products in the market under the guidance of your doctor.


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