Fernando Sardinha Steroids, Height, Weight, Age

Fernando Sardinha Steroids, Height, Weight, Age

The year 2017 was behind, but for the bodybuilder Fernando Sardinha, it was another important year in the consolidation of his trajectory of great success. The athlete received important awards in the past year and remained in a prominent position in the national bodybuilding scene.

Want to know more about the history and retrospective of the year 2017 of the bodybuilder Fernando Sardinha? Read this article to the end. In it we will explain why the athlete remains one of the biggest names in sports in Brazil.

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Fernando Sardinha: trajectory

His name is Fernando Luiz, however, is best known since his adolescence as Fernando Sardinha. According to Fernando himself, in the academy where he trained, all the colleagues had nicknames with fish names and he, being of smaller stature, received this nickname.

The athlete is a native of Ribeirão Preto, in the interior of São Paulo, and since the age of 15, he has dedicated himself to sports: first with martial arts and then with bodybuilding, which has revealed his true passion.

Becoming a bodybuilder and starting to compete is a mission that requires time and dedication to the extreme. The muscle growth due to the intense training of hypertrophy and the shape with the measures worthy of a champion are only achieved after a long time of training and regulated feeding.

With Fernando Sardinha, it was no different. To become one of the greatest bodybuilders and possess the largest number of titles in Brazilian championships, the athlete invested more than 30 years of dedication.

How is your preparation?

To get to today’s level, bodybuilding and diet are present in every day throughout the year, regardless of competitions. Sardine trains every day, in the Old School style. This technique emerged in the 1970s and focuses primarily on heavier and less sophisticated training with higher loads, consistent workouts, and moderate eating.

About feeding, Sardines adhere to a well-balanced diet: they eat no unhealthy food, do not drink alcohol, consume good sources of protein – such as lean meats and adequate supplementation – and only low-glycemic carbohydrates such as sweet potatoes and whole products.

This applies even to the so-called garbage days, which are days or spaces of time in which, according to the athletes’ eating plan, they are allowed to eat foods out of the diet. In periods before the competitions, this preparation increases and causes Sardinha to achieve its best conditioning.

This dedication has made him present in more than 131 national and international championships. In these championships, the athlete won 130 trophies and 122 medals, of which the following stand out:

  • Champion Mr Universe WABBA;
  • NPC Excalibur Champion;
  • 2x Vice Champion Mr Universe NABBA;
  • Tri World Champion;
  • Penta Brazilian Champion;
  • title of best posador of Brazil conquered 7 times;
  • several other state championships linked to the IFBB.

Athlete Designs

Sardinha, throughout all these years, has managed to build a good reputation in the sport and today it became reference when we speak in preparation for championships of bodybuilders.

Currently, he is 48 years old, and owns a gym in Ribeirão Preto, Sardinha’s Gym. The gym is designed to offer the best preparation for everyone, even those who are not athletes. This includes motivational phrases on the walls and soundtrack that inspires focus on the plotted goal.

In addition, the bodybuilder is the founder of Sardinha Evolution, a fitness program that offers online sports advice in the format of videos that are produced by himself. The videos are intended for people with the most varied levels of training and its main motivation is the transformation of the body through dedication.

From the sport’s point of view, he is a competitive athlete sponsored by Athletica Nutrition, which is one of the pioneers in the field and the largest food supplement factory located in Brazil.

In addition, he has been a judge for almost 20 years in the IFBB (International Federation of Bodybuilding) championships, which is responsible for one of the world’s most expressive bodybuilding championships – Mr. Olympia. In Brazil, the IFBB is represented by the Brazilian Confederation of Bodybuilding, Bodybuilding and Fitness (CBMFF).

Retrospective: championships and achievements in 2017

The year 2017 was another great achievement for Fernando Sardinha, who won trophies and good places in world championships for Brazil.

The athlete became Vice-Champion of the world’s largest bodybuilding championship, the Mr Universe. This contest is an event that happens every year and has the organization of NABBA – National Amateur Bodybuilders Association.

In this championship are elected Mr. Universe, professional and amateur, Miss Physique and Miss Figura, female categories. The 2017 edition, as well as the previous ones, took place in England.

But the achievements of the bodybuilder do not stop there. Last year also brought to Fernando Sardinha the 2nd place in the World NABBA 2017, which happened in July in Russia in the Master category, aimed at professional athletes over 40 years.

Another great highlight of this year was the brilliant participation of the Sardine in the Excalibur NPC. The NPC, or National Bodybuilding Committee, is an American amateur organization federated to the IFBB.

In that championship, which took place in December 2017 in Los Angeles, the athlete won the titles of Excalibur Champion Master Muscle Contest, Champion Novice Heavy Weight Muscle Contest and Vice Champion Open Heavy Weight Excalibur.

With all these events, we saw that the year of Fernando Sardinha was very productive. And this was only possible thanks to the years of practice and also to the knowledge acquired in all these competitions. With that, the expectation for next year is great.

And if you want to mirror it, remember: to be a high-level athlete, you need to focus on every detail and keep in mind where you want to go.

So, did you already know the story of Fernando Sardinha? Do you have any questions or comments about the athlete’s retrospective? Leave your comment in the post!

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