Testosterone Boosting Foods

Before knowing about foods that boost testosterone lets discuss testosterone first. Testosterone is a sex hormone present in the body of the male that has affect more than just sex drive. This hormone is responsible for sperm production, bone and muscle health, and hair growth. As your age passes you can lose testosterone. So, plan for it long before going to the bedroom. Are you thinking about foreplay? No, no we’re talking about food. Because choosing foods that boost testosterone could pay off a lot during after-dinner activities.

Have you heard about super foods? I think nothing is more super than foods that boost testosterone. Women produce less testosterone in their body than men but both should try foods that boost testosterone.

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List of foods that boost testosterone:

SHRIMP for a higher sex drive:

shrimp for sex drive

Try to eat seafood such as shrimp with your meal to boost the level of vitamin D, which will definitely improve your testosterone level. One research shows that men who have the higher level of vitamin also have the higher level of testosterone. Also, “Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise” said that men, as well as women with higher level of vitamin D have powerful and stronger muscles of lower and upper body. So, in an order to get strong sexier body improve your vitamin D intake lightly. Unfortunately, some people have inadequate levels of vitamin D during the gloom of winter, which cause your testosterone levels to get a nosedive.

Grapes for more active sperm:


Try to have a bunch of red grapes daily at meals and snacks time to give your sperm production a boost. The skin of grapes is rich in resveratrol, which is used to produce hardier sperm. Researchers and experts of china found that equivalent of 250mg- almost the amount in 3-9g of grape skins daily is enough to raise up the level of testosterone and improve your sperm’s ability to swim.

Tuna to boost testosterone:


tuna fish

Tuna is one of the foods that boost testosterone. It is rich in vitamin D, and it is also a protein-rich food, which has low calories in it. Moreover, it is the best food for your heart. Eating tuna will aid in increasing testosterone whether you consume fresh or canned. A normal serving of it meets your daily vitamin D requirement. If you don’t like it, you can consume other white meat sources of vitamin D, such as sardines or salmon. Always remember that the key is moderation. Don’t consume too many fish because omega-3 fatty acids present in the fish increases your risk of prostate cancer.

Low-fat milk with vitamin D to boost testosterone:

low fat milk

Milk is a great source of calcium, vitamins, and protein. Women and children are recommended to drink a lot of milk for good bone health, but it is also best for men’s bones too. Men can increase their testosterone level with vitamin D present in the milk. Buy a carton that is fortified with vitamin D. You can choose skim or low-fat versions but they are also rich in healthy nutrients as whole milk without saturated or an unhealthy fat.

Egg yolks to boost testosterone:


Another rich source of vitamin D is egg yolks. Egg yolks have more nutrients than egg whites, while cholesterol has a bad reputation. But in this case the cholesterol present in egg yolks help to improve low T. You can eat 2 eggs per day, as far as you don’t have any preexisting cholesterol issues.

Venison for muscle growth:


Don’t go for meat-free diet because it can lower testosterone by 15%. Eat a balanced diet including fruits, vegetables, beef, mutton, chicken, and fish. Lack of protein in the body can cause the boost of testosterone-de-activating hormones. A university of Utah study showed a diet rich in beef, lamb, and sat can also make your testosterone dip.

Beans to boost testosterone:

beans that boost testerone

Bean is a food that boosts testosterone. It may offer a lot of benefits than you thought when it comes to the health of male hormone. Choose beans of your own choice from black, white, and kidney beans because these are considered as perfect sources of zinc and vitamin D. You may try baked beans but then you will need an extra source of it in your diet daily. These foods are also a perfect support to your heart.

Honey for better blood flow:

honey for better blood flow

Dip your food into honey for extra buzz in the bedroom because it is a food that boosts testosterone. It is rich in mineral boron, which is linked to higher level of testosterone. Also, it contains nitric oxide. So, it is key to open your blood vessels that can create erections. 3 spoon of honey can increase nitric oxide levels by 35%.

COCONUT to boost testosterone:


Coconut not only gives you taste but it can also boost your T-score at healthy levels. Its reason is that giant nut is a source of fats that is needed for the production of testosterone. “The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism,” published a study, which tells us that healthy men who turned from their high-fat diet to low-fat diet saw the decrease in their level of testosterone hormone. Wise men obtain up to 15% of their calories from fat to keep testosterone at the higher level.

More food for thought:

A balanced and healthy diet changes can improve your level of testosterone, but hypogonadism may not be cured by it. An expert physician should confirm that you are having low T by blood tests and physical exams. If you are diagnosed with the low level of testosterone. You will be prescribed testosterone hormone replacements such as:

  • Injections
  • Tablets or pills
  • Topical gel
  • Skin patches

These medications can have the certain risk of serious side effects. Try to ensure that you have discussed all of them with your physician beforehand. Choose a balanced diet to improve your overall health, not just low T.  


Keeping a check of your testosterone level is essential to for a higher sex drive. I presented a list of foods that boost testosterone along with improving your overall health.

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