Frank Zane Steroids, Height, Weight, Age, Net Worth

Frank Zane was born on June 28, 1942 and at age 75 (2017) he is still physically impressive and offers new advice acquired throughout his life in search of physical perfection. Read his latest thoughts on what you need to keep a fit body.

There are legends in all sports and Frank Zane is at the top of the bodybuilding and bodybuilding basket. For many Frank Zane is one of the most beautiful physics that has existed. Unlike the current bodybuilding champions of 110 to 135 kg, Zane has never exceeded 90 kilos in his period of competition. Yet he won 3 titles from Mr. Olympia and is one of the few men to win a victory by Arnold Schwarzenegger.

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Zane had the proportions of a Greek statue and literally wrote the book of symmetry of the physical. Unlike today’s ultra-bulky bodybuilder like Phil Heath, Ronnie Colman, Kay Greene or Jay Cutler, whose physics are eccentrically fat, Zane represents the man who has shifted the bodybuilding paradigm away from pure mass, gently leading him towards aesthetics. pure.

With the recent emergence of physics class competitions, where athletes are lighter, it is now clear that Zane has always been a man ahead of his time. He is also one of the gentlest and most genuine human beings you would have had the pleasure of meeting.

Taking a break from his personal coaching activity, he transmits in this article some of his solid knowledge, acquired throughout his life. Here are the opinions of Frank Zane in his own words. Use his tips to improve your physique.


In the 1970s, I was already taking large amounts of amino acids, such as tryptophan and arginine, which have only become popular today.

The infatuation with the low carbohydrate diet was also something that I used to take and enjoy a good popularity these days.

If I could go back, I would take more time to progress and increase my body mass rather than train excessively heavy when I was preparing for a competition. This strategy has always resulted in many injuries that I still suffer today. .

There are 2 kinds of bodybuilding practitioners:

  • Those who wish to go fast
  • Those who practice it more slowly and want to last longer

This last choice is much smarter!

Frank Zane: The King of Symmetry

What most people are talking about is not symmetry, it’s the bodybuilder’s symmetry. There is no pure symmetry between the upper body and the lower body. It’s not a symmetry, it’s a question of proportion, of harmony. The biggest guys seem symmetrical, because they pose straight. If you cut the lower part of their body, you can compare the left part of the right part.

I never did that and I avoided the poses in which the left and right sides did the same thing, but people will always say that I was not symmetrical. In fact, my left and right sides were never equal and so they were not symmetrical. Everyone said it to me, so I only presented my strengths and did not do a lot of side poses. I learned that from Bill Pearl.

Inaccessible perfection

You will always encounter problems if you try to assign a note to any part of your body. Even in contests, they do not give a rating to things. Instead, I took pictures and studied them. All that bullshit about measuring your neck, arms, and knobs that should be the same is just ridiculous. If you want, you can put notes, but at the end of the day, that’s what people see. So be sure to present the perfect illusion.

The advancement of nutrition

Antioxidants and amino acids are very interesting. I have studied them for years and I have always been aware of what is happening in this area. However, there are no major changes that have revolutionized nutrition. A dietary supplement that I have used for years is an equal mixture of eggs and Whey Protein because egg albumin is higher in sodium and lower in calcium. These are the 2 most biologically available proteins that I will occasionally use as a quick meal replacement if I’m in a hurry.

There is no restorative magic

People always ask me to do a weight training program, as if there was a magic training routine that I had hidden. The truth is that everything works if you take the time to do it. I like to show people how to do things right, because using a perfect form of execution and developing an ability to isolate areas is crucial. The blood flow must reach the muscles so that there is muscle growth.

I will be 75 years old this summer 2017 and I will not train with heavy loads because of injuries, but I always find a way to increase the time under tension. A big part of doing this successfully is attaching an elastic band to the bars so that the weight increases as you approach the end of the movement.


When training a particular part of the body, you should do about 10 different stretches during the rest periods between your sets. Each session should last from 15 to 20 seconds. After a series, you must rest and lower your heart rate. It is the ideal recovery tool when you relax by stretching. This saves you a lot of time and keeps you warm. As they stretch, I encourage people I coach to say positive affirmations in their minds like “I’m flexible and I can stretch my limits”.

Stay in the race

The main reason people fail to be motivated to train is that they do not reinforce their progress.

Here is the cycle as you see it:

They gorge themselves on Thanksgiving and it goes on until December and even in the middle of January:

At that moment, they are motivated to get back in shape. It lasts until February or March. This is the time when temperatures warm up and they move away from the weight room to enjoy the outdoors. They continue to train a bit, but they do not have real physical feedback on their room investment. In other words no progress and therefore abandonment!

The only way for most people to motivate themselves is the weakness of the mind, the motivation, so that you will always be unhappy. You will take a step back. It will be worse, not better. The solution to this problem is to become motivated by the success of physical change.

The split training: the most effective training

The training that has worked the most at home is the split training. It was a training in 3 groups including:

  • Day 1: upper body, drawing exercises
  • Day 2: legs
  • Day 3: pushing exercises

You should do it with a rhythm: training, rest, training, rest, etc. You should never train your upper body for 2 days in a row. Too much training of the upper body when you are young it passes, but with time, less.

My training routine

Nowadays, I train twice a week. I do 1 day of upper body and 1 day legs. I also walk a lot and do archery, while coaching clients.

It’s not just for me anymore.

Memories with Arnold Schwarzenegger

During the 1980 Olympia, Arnold only presented one side of his body and defied the judges’ demands. In the end, they allowed him to do it and he finally became the winner. If you are able to make the law, then you deserve the victory.

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Frank Zane Steroids, Height, Weight, Age, Net Worth

Frank Zane Height 5’9″ (175cm) and Weight 185 – 195lbs (83.9 – 88.5kg) . Frank Zane Age is 76Frank Zane Net Worth is $37.7 million dollars. Frank Zane has “Black Hair”  and eye color is “Black”.

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