Gentiv ultra – Does This Advanced Male Enhancement Formula Work?

Having a sex that can fully satisfy your partner is an asset for a fulfilling sex life. At different levels, having a sex too small can cause many disorders. A man will feel weak, ashamed, and especially dissatisfied if he does not have a member worthy of the name. Fortunately, this is a problem that has been addressed by dietary supplement manufacturers. Result: pills like Gentiv ultra, designed to save you up to 7.5 cm penis length!

Gentiv ultra

In this opinion on Gentiv ultra, we will see that if the product promises beautiful things about the enlargement of your sex, it is not limited to that! Right performance booster, this natural product will help you positively change your sex life.

What is Gentiv ultra?

Gentiv ultra is a dietary supplement that focuses on two major principles to make you gain inches of penis. On the one hand, it will work to improve blood circulation to your penis, which will impressively increase your erections. Then, Gentiv ultra makes sure to stretch your penile tissues naturally and painlessly. By making them more flexible and more elastic, it allows these fabrics to expand impressively.Gentiv ultra male enhancement pills

This results in much larger sex when you have an erection. The tissues stretch, the blood flows in abundance, your erection is massive. The cavernous bodies will indeed be able to accommodate much more blood than before, and the results will be visible in a few weeks.

This product to increase the size of your sex is innovative by the fast and impressive action it offers to its users. You can expect to gain up to 7.5 centimeters in penis length and 2.5 centimeters in girth. Imagine the difference! If your wife gets used to the current size of your sex, she may be very surprised …

Let’s see later in this opinion on Gentiv ultra how this dietary supplement acts on your body.

How does this powerful dietary supplement work?

The Gentiv ultra dietary supplement will affect two things: the tissues and cavernous bodies of your penis, and your sexual stamina. Through these two actions, it will allow all consumers to become sex beasts very easily.

First, when you take Gentiv ultra, you will find that your penis grows pretty quickly. In 4 or 5 days, the first effects are notable. The blood flow favored by taking Gentiv ultra allows your sex to swell and during an erection, the difference is visible immediately. But for this effect to be lasting, your cavernous bodies and penile tissues must be able to receive and store the blood sent during erection. And this is where the Gentiv ultra is very effective.

By acting on your penis tissues, he helps them relax gradually. Without pain and force, this one will have with each new erection a little more place to receive the blood flow. Thus, your sex will become heavier, more massive and visually much more impressive.

But as we mentioned, this is not the only characteristic of this natural dietary supplement. If having a big sex is important for the mind, you still need to be able to use it properly to satisfy your sexual partners. And Gentiv ultra works to help you perform much longer. In addition to hard bending, you banderez longer.

What change the nature of your sex effectively. With a cure of Gentiv ultra, you will become a new lover and a new man.

Gentiv ultra

Gentiv ultra opinion – discover the natural composition of this product

Where Gentiv ultra is a very useful dietary supplement, it is when we look at its 100% natural composition. Manufacturers have decided to trust nature and choosing only ingredients known for the virtues of sexuality. But no chemicals or harmful components will be found in this composition.

Here is what the Gentiv ultra is composed of:

  • L-cartinine

The primary function of L-Carnitine is to nourish your penis. It provides fatty acids that ensure a permanent vitality to your body and that allow you to maintain perennial erections during your relationships.

  • Lysine

Lysine is an amino acid that will help your body create collagen. This allows your penile tissues to stretch more easily and thus naturally make you gain inches of penis. The walls of your penis will expand and he will be able to receive more blood.

  • Zinc

Zinc helps in the formation of testosterone, which gives a man his desire for sex and his manhood. If the body produces naturally, zinc will increase this production and thus allow to achieve more intense sexual performance and lasting.

  • Pumpkin seeds

The pumpkin seed, here in the form of extracts, has a function quite similar to Zinc since it allows to gain in power and sexual vitality.

  • The licorice root

This is called a libido stimulator. Used in traditional remedies on several continents, this root is a powerful natural aphrodisiac.

  • Sarsaparilla

It will help to drive more blood to your penis, which allows for more intense erections.

  • Ginseng

Ginseng, very popular in Asia especially for treating erectile problems in China, this aphrodisiac plant booster here your ability to bend well.

  • Maca root

This root possesses is a powerful sexual stimulant, which improves the fertility of the men and the quality of the sperm, and allows to reach more powerful orgasms.

How to use Gentiv ultra?

Gentiv ultra, in addition to being composed only of 100% natural ingredients, is very easy to use and offers fast results.

To follow a cure, just take 2 capsules a day, accompanied by a large glass of water. It is recommended to take it in the morning and at noon, always at the same time, for a simpler follow-up of the cure.

The main interest for those who want to enlarge their penis is the speed with which Gentiv ultra works. In one week, you will just have to watch your sex and measure it to see the progress!

Gentiv ultra supplement for?

Gentiv ultra is intended primarily for men who have sex too small, but not only. If having a small sex weighs you – and it’s quite logical – to follow a cure of Gentiv ultra is a great idea. You can combine this dietary supplement with these manual exercises to do daily for a penis much bigger and longer.

But men with normal sex should not necessarily neglect the virtues of this dietary supplement. Indeed, why deprive yourself of a few extra centimeters and a renewed sexual vitality? Following a cure of Gentiv ultra can be a real shock for your sex life. Break the routine and give a second wind to your performance in bed.

Finally, men more complexed by a small penis sometimes consider a surgical operation to enlarge their penis. Know that it is expensive and that there may be risks and injuries following the operation. Better to rely on the natural dietary supplement such as gentiv ultra to grow his penis safely.

Moreover, when we ask the users of this product, opinions seem quite unanimous.

Gentiv ultra user reviews and testimonials

Men who have trusted this supplement to gain inches of penis share the same opinion on Gentiv ultra: it is effective, fast and safe!

[su_highlight background=”#f8f5c6″ color=”#0e0e0e”]“To go from a sex of 13 centimeters to a penis of 18 centimeters in a few weeks, I will not have even imagined it in a dream! And yet, that’s what happened with my cure of Gentiv ultra! My life was turned upside down by this change.. in positive! ” Etienne, 29 years old![/su_highlight]

 “I took the Gentiv ultra out of spite, because my sex had been complexing me for far too long, my wife seemed not to want to make love with me anymore and I was starting to be afraid to never sleep with anyone anymore. But when she saw my erection after 4 weeks of treatment, she was tempted. Since then, we found a second youth in bed! ” Victor, 49 years old! 

Advantages and disadvantages of Gentiv ultra

The gentiv ultra is interesting on many levels and suffers from few disadvantages, as summarized below.


  • It can win up to 7.5 cm in length and 2.5 cm in circumference
  • Easy to take
  • Visible results after a single week
  • A 100% natural composition


  • It is important to follow the cure rigorously to achieve the desired results

Where to buy Gentiv ultra safely?

There is only one way to order Gentiv ultra safely: On the Official website!

If we recommend this solution, it is unfortunately that there are many counterfeits currently in circulation. The pills are easy to imitate (visually) and you will not see the difference by looking at them. But following a course of counterfeit products, you expose yourself to major risks. Some testify to persistent erectile dysfunction after taking fake products! Mistrust.

Order on the site is to obtain a fast and secure delivery, in a discreet package. Apart from you, nobody will know what the package contains and you can solve your problems quietly.

Our opinion on Gentiv ultra?

If our opinion on Gentiv ultra is positive, it is that this complete product offers very interesting results. We see his penis grow and erections become majestic. This has a much greater influence than one might think, in men who suffer from a poor sexual life or little exhilarating, especially because of a small sex.

Having a substantial size of sex gives you confidence in yourself. This allows for example singles to flirt with a newfound confidence, that by bringing a partner home they can ensure in bed. For those in a relationship, this is an opportunity to transform your sex life, if you feel that it is not up to what you want. With Gentiv ultra, you will become a true stallion, to the delight of your partner.

Having a sexuality blossomed thanks to a great sex will restore your spirits and you will have only one desire: to make your partner benefit from this imposing penis.

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