Gregory Capra France Bodybuilding Coach, Height, Weight, Age

Gregory Capra France Bodybuilding Coach

Sports coach passionate about fitness, weight loss and muscle gain, Gregory Capra is a very involved, serious and complete player in the world of fitness. Let’s discover in this article why we chose coach Greg Capra as a partner of Supplements and Protein.

Custom coaching, Gregory offers a follow-up to everyone

When looking for tailor-made coaching, we expect our coach to adapt to our needs as well as our possibilities. Gregory Capra is for us a truly complete coach in the services he offers and presents himself as a player in the fitness of the most serious; let’s see why.

Basic service, coaching and dietary follow-up

Gregory Capra offers a set of services dedicated to developing all types of physical goals, and we, we love it! From specific physical preparation to muscle building to weight loss or stretching and cardio-vascular work, Capra’s benefits are limited by your imagination.

Greg has shown us a hyper-professional know-how from every point of view in different areas of fitness, a profile of sports coach that is rare. As much dedicated to the work of muscle gain as to dry muscle or weight loss, Grégory Capra insists on the quality of the sessions that he proposes and the preparation that he carries out in advance with his customers (e) s to avoid all types of pathologies and injuries.

It also positions the diet as the key to any physical success by offering training programs for fat loss, muscle mass gain and the optimization of physical qualities for the preparation of an event. or an important sporting goal.

Handy coaching – Bootcamps and online tips

Gregory Capra impresses us with physical resources, but also with human sense in his efforts. Since 2009, it offers a coaching service for people with motor disabilities to help them rebalance their bodies and fight against the handicaps caused by their disabilities.

Our coach partner also organizes Bootcamps and sports trips in the Vaucluse with a complete organization of your stay in a private villa. Capra offers a whole program during the 4 or 8 days of simply great sports stay. With cycling activities, outdoor training in a natural and beautiful place to relaxing massages, the quality of its services are of a higher level for far more than reasonable rates.

To finish this set of services announced on his site, Gregory has now set up an online advice and remote coaching service for those who are not in his area. It proposes assessments, capacity tests, planning and nutrition in stages.

Conclusion and Opinions on Gregory Capra

When many online coaches invest too little in their business and limit their benefits, Gregory is really one of the people for whom we have great respect and confidence in all the services he offers. offers to its customers.

Thank you Gregory Capra for your seriousness and thoroughness, we recommend your services without hesitation!

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