Homemade FleshLight – 6 Best Homemade FleshLight Tips

Hello everyone, this is Jordon your adventurer from the far reaches of planet Fleshlight. I hope you are well !

Here in this new article, I will teach you how to make your own homemade fleshlight, finally make your vagina! Why would you want to do your homemade fleshlight? Just because as I write this it’s hot and sunny, the girls outside are in scanty outfits, the birds are singing, and my testosterone dose is at its peak.

I draw up the top:

  • You are far from home. The idea of ​​using your hand to please yourself just isn’t appealing, and your favorite fleshlight is hidden in your bedroom, impossible to get your hands on.
  • Or that right now you’re going through a lean period and we can’t afford to buy a fleshlight right now.
  • Or, if you are curious, have you been a DIYer and you like the idea of ​​making your own homemade sex toys.

If any of the above descriptions describes the situation you are in, a homemade masturbator could be the perfect solution for you. However, let me warn you, a homemade fleshlight will not give you the same pleasures as a good old fleshlight bought in a sex shop or on the internet. Be warned!

Here we go, I’ll give you the summary with all the different techniques to make your fleshlight yourself. Here Marco, let yourself be guided!

If you are looking for real Fleshlights, my reviews are here!


How I went about writing this article on homemade FleshLights:

There are a lot of videos online that show you in detail how to do different, I would say exotic fleshlight! there are so many, in fact, that it is not easy to find the right videos well explained.

I was looking for masturbators that can be assembled quickly and easily with everyday products.

I spent some time browsing the best videos on YouTube and picked a few that seemed to meet my criteria. Then I searched my house for all these products, for the ones I didn’t have under my belt, I went straight to the store and bought them. Know that the cashier didn’t burn me out when I bought all the gear to make my homemade fleshlights! So discretion level, I still went under the radar.

Homemade FleshLight # 1 and # 2: Towel holder Masturbators!

The fleshlights or towel holder masturbators are made with only three everyday products: a small towel (ski towel dedication), a latex glove and an elastic band. These towel masturbators, or socks, are also called fifis. The term fifi comes from prison slang; inmates use towels, latex gloves and water-based lubricant to make homemade fleslights.

You will need it:

  • 1 Small towel
  • 1 Latex glove
  • 1 Elastic

How to make a ‘Fifi’ – Version 1: Folded towel holder Masturbator

This is perhaps the simplest of all the masturbators made in me; it takes a few minutes to make it.

Instructions for making a folded towel holder masturbator:

  • Fold the towel several times to get a long, narrow shape.
  • Place a latex glove on one of the narrow ends. The cuff should be suspended from the end.
  • Fold the towel in half over the glove.
  • Take the end of the cuff of the glove and stretch it to fit over the ends of the towel.
  • Secure it with a rubber band.
  • You should now have a tight, rubber covered hole.

Lubricate and enjoy!

How to make a ‘Fifi’ – Version 2: Rolled towel Masturbator

In this version, the towel is rolled up instead of folded. You can use the same products as for the folded towel, however consider adding a tube of toothpaste or similar to maintain the size of the hole.

Instructions for Making a rolled Towel Masturbator:

  • Fold the towel in half lengthwise.
  • Place the tube of toothpaste inside the glove and place it on the towel near one end. The cuff of the glove should overhang the long folded edge of the towel.
  • Start wrapping the towel around the glove and tube.
  • After a roll or two, start folding the edge of the cuff around the towel to hold it in place.
  • Keep driving to the end.
  • Remove the tube of toothpaste and secure the roller with one or two rubber bands.

Lubricate and enjoy!

My feedback on the folded and rolled homemade towel FleshLights:

Although I followed the instructions, I had to do quite a bit of trying to get the towel masturbators to work properly on me (maybe the hole was too small). Yes it must have, during the first attempts the fleshlight was way too tight.

The tube of toothpaste I used to create the canal in the towel rolled version was too thin and the entire canal was way too narrow. When making your own, try to find something that fits your size. Your erect penis is probably bigger than you think! Oh yes Marco!

The folded towel version is a little more forgiving but be careful not to make the entrance too small. The tightness is defined by the size of the towel: if the folded towel is thick, the glove cuff will be too tight and the opening will be too small.

TIP: If you are having trouble keeping the glove in place, you can secure it with a piece of string tied around your fingers and pulled through the rolled or folded towel.

The two towel rail masturbators were really easy to do! Once I got the right tightening, I could easily push my huge machine into it. The narrow opening widens quickly, but you can easily control the tension with your hands.

The towel-rolled version, with its uniform channel width, was more to my liking. However, it was much more difficult to get it right; it has to be the right width all the way through the tube.

The glove limits the depth of penetration in these two homemade masturbators; you can’t push to the end like you can with a full size fleshlight. I explained it to you at the top of this article.

They are also much less intense than most Fleshlights because they don’t have textures specially created to enhance the pleasure.

In fact, the texture of the towel (which you could feel through the glove) was a bit too rough. It might not be a bad thing – it depends on your preference – but is it a very different feel to the soft feeling compared to Stoya Destroya fleshlight for example.

Homemade FleshLight # 3: The Sock Masturbator

A sock fleshlight is even easier to make than a towel masturbator. You probably already have everything you need to do this at home and it’s much easier to adjust the tightness.

How To Make A Pocket Pussy Sock Pussy Socks

You will need it:

  • 3 pairs of sports socks
  • 1 latex glove
  • 2 rubber bands

How to make a sock Masturbator:

  • Stack two pairs of socks and lay them side by side. Fold each pair of socks back from the toes and lay them with the crease underneath.
  • Lay the glove on top of a pair with the cuff protruding 1 to 2 inches. Lay the second pair on top so that the glove is sandwiched between them.
  • Wrap the cuff of the glove over the ends of the socks.
  • Take the third pair of socks and wrap them around the middle of the sock-glove sandwich. These can also be used to adjust the tightness.
  • Secure the ends with rubber bands. Your masturbator is ready to use.

Lubricate and enjoy!

My feedback on the Homemade FleshLights Socks:

Much like makeshift towel masturbators, sock masturbators became popular in prisons where inmates needed to be creative with the various things they had on hand.

They can be made with any sock of the right thickness – I used (short) athletic socks because I didn’t have regular ones. However, regular athletic socks are probably the best, especially when you need to wrap the socks around the end of the masturbator.

You can move or remove the rubber bands to adjust the seal in different sections of the sleeve. I removed the one closest to the opening to make it less tight.

I was surprised at how well the sock masturbator worked. It’s quite smooth – smoother than the towel masturbators above – and I liked the extra softness too. The feel is no different than the Quickshot, but the lack of texture makes it less intense.

I found it easy to control the tension with my hands. The only real downside to this is the relatively low penetration depth of the latex glove.

Homemade Fleshlight #4: The Toilet Paper Masturbator

This is the easiest masturbator in this article made in Marco. There are only two steps and the tightness adjustment is simple.

How to Make a Pocket Pussy Toilet Paper Roll Pussy Toilet Paper

What you need:

  • 1 roll of toilet paper
  • 1 latex glove

Instructions for making a Masturbator with Toilet paper Rolls

  • Remove the tube from the toilet paper roll by pulling and shaking it.
  • Push the glove through the roller and pull it up and around the edges.

Lubricate and enjoy!

My feedback on the FleshLight Toilet Paper:

The inner channel of the toilet paper masturbator felt nice and soft – similar to the sock masturbator above. The type of toilet paper you use will affect this feeling: the softer the better.

At first I found it a bit too tight, but this was easily fixed by removing more paper.

Again, the depth of penetration is limited by the size of the glove and (in this case) the size of the roller. It’s not the end of the world, but it can be frustrating if you’re used to the full penetration of a real fleshlight handle.

While the toilet paper roll masturbator is quite nice, there is no real texture to speak of. Overall, it’s quite nice, but less interesting and not as intense as a real fleshlight texture as you might think!

Homemade Fleshlight #5: The Famous Vagina

The vagina, or sponge masturbator requires a little more courage to make it. But as an old saying goes, you don’t win without merit!

What you need to make a vagina:

  • 1 tube of Lays or Pringles
  • 2-4 kitchen sponges (small enough to fit in a Pringles / Lays box)
  • 1 latex glove

How to make a Sponge Masturbator:

  • If you are using a long box, start by pushing a series of sponges through the end of it.
  • Fold them so that they fit over the sides of the box.
  • Sandwich a glove between the last two sponges.
  • Push the “sandwich” into the box, folding the sponges so that they fit around the edges.
  • Wrap the cuffs of the gloves around the opening of the box to hold everything in place.

Lubricate and enjoy!

A tall cup is a possible alternative to the Pringles tin. If you are using a larger tin can, an extra set of sponges may come in handy: place them at the bottom of the can to prevent others from slipping while on your little thing.

You can also make a version of this masturbator with a narrower can and an XL condom, just see if you’re brave enough. Sponges should be nicely soft and pliable – if they are too hard, they will be inflexible and unpleasant when coming and going.

I didn’t like the idea of ​​using a Pringles tin with its leftover fat and salt at all, so I tried a Lays tin (which I washed thoroughly before using it of course!).

My Feedback on my Vagina:

My verdict is that the sponge masturbator is okay. The sponges I bought were too hard and didn’t wrap my penis as well as I would have liked (still the same problem), but I think the experience could have been even greater with softer sponges .

Like other homemade masturbators, this one doesn’t really compare to a real fleshlight as there are no real textures to brush your contraption across the grain.

Homemade FleshLight #6: The balloon FleshLight, perfect after or to continue the party

The balloon masturbator is one of the more unusual models on this list; it is easy to do, but it will require very specific equipment, ie inflatable balloons.

How to Make a balloon Masturbator

You will need :

  • 1 cup or large container (the one I used was 5 ″ wide)
  • 4 small balloons
  • Ribbon
  • 1 latex glove

How to make a party balloon Masturbator

  • Blow some air into a balloon and tie off the end.
  • Do not inflate it too much; the four balls should fit comfortably into the container without the “hole” in the middle being too tight.
  • Repeat for the other three balloons and place them in the container to check their width.
  • If the hole between the two seems too tight, replace a balloon with one that contains less air.
  • Secure each of the balloons to the edge of the container with duct tape over the knots.
  • Push the fingers of the latex glove through the center of the balloons and pull (very carefully) the cuff around the edges and around the opening.

Lubricate and enjoy!


If you really want to level your masturbation up (high level) nothing beats a REAL fleshlight. The material is soft and supple, the textures are intense, and the orifices are sometimes very realistic.


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