How much water

How much water should you drink per day?

Do you know the composition of the water in your body? If not just don’t worry. You are knowing it here. Actually, your body is almost 60% water. You lose water in both urine and sweat. So, your body need more water to function it properly. But your question is how much water you should drink per day. Well, there are many opinions about that as there are many mouths.  According to the health authorities you should drink almost 2 liters of water which is equal to 8 ounces or a half gallon, widely known as the 8×8 rule. It is not difficult to remember it.

In short, the answer of how much water you should drink per day is 8 ounces. But according to some experts, you should be drinking water continuously every hour. Even when you are not thirsty. But it depends on your body condition that how much water you should drink per day.

Let’s discuss some important benefits of the water to see that whether it actually improves your well-being or not. After then, you will be able to judge how much water you should drink per day.

Can Water improve Energy Levels and Brain Function?          

Some people claimed that the feeling of dehydration made their brain to suffer. It actually has a great impact on your brain function. In one research it has been found that the women got the most benefits by drinking more water. And one another woman report having the high frequency of a headache. It also has been proved that the dehydration lowers the function of the brain.

 So, I must say that it varies from person to person. If water is good for your health condition keep drinking as much as you needed.

Does Drinking Water Help You Lose Weight?

If you want to know how to lose weight fast without exercise? Water can be an answer. Water is a perfect booster and it boosts fat burning. I recommend you to have 15 glasses of water a day to lose weight fast. If you drink iced cold water your body will burn extra calories to warm it up at the temperature of the body. You can add flavor to water such as coffee or green tea to lose weight even faster.

Do Other Fluids make Your Total?

If you ask how much water you should drink per day it don’t necessarily mean it is just plain water. If you are drinking water in the small amount but drinking other fluids it also has a significant effect. Even caffeinated drinks count towards your total. Besides to some solid foods also contains a large composition of water such as eggs, fish, chicken, meat, fruits, and vegetables. If you are consuming teas and coffees on the regular basis it means that you are having a fluid balance.

How Much Water is best?

It is so difficult to answer at the spot that how much water you should drink per. It depends on you, me and them. However, you can get an idea by your body reaction to water. You can use the following guidelines to drink the water in a proper amount.

  • Drink when you are really thirsty
  • Have enough and stop
  • If you do exercise and get sweated then drink more to compensate
  • That’s it

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