How to lose weight fast for women

How to lose weight fast for women is a question you ask often. Because women lose weight slower than men. Men really lose weight and fats easily than women. It doesn’t mean that weight loss is impossible for women, though you need a different approach to losing weight fast. It may take the longer period to reach your goals. Try aggressive lifestyle and diet changes. In this way you can lose weight as fast as possible.

Taking a long-term approach for weight loss is healthy and wise. You should lose weight slowly and steadily by following a healthy lifestyle. Slow weight loss makes it difficult to gain that weight once again. I will recommend you some healthy methods that can rev up your metabolism making it easy for you to lose weight and these methods make a complete answer to the question how to lose weight fast for women.

Get Slim and Toned With an easy Exercise:

You need to get moving in an order to lose weight fast. Try to add cardiovascular exercise in your routine to burn more calories. For example, a 120-pound person burns almost 500 calories in half an hour so you can lose more weight. Try to discover new forms of aerobic exercise such as treadmill or jogging, a ballet-inspired dance workout, or a trendy cycling class to prevent the boredom as you burn calories.

Pumping iron is a key to get a fit and toned physique. Take it easy lifting weights won’t make you bulky. It will build your muscles and improve your posture by boosting your basal metabolic rate. Do three or four workouts each week to challenge your fats each time. If you don’t have an idea about what to do, take a help of trainer at your gym. A professional trainer or expert can help you to find challenging weights that can give you the best outcomes.

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Eat everything in moderation to lose weight fast:

Tune down your consumption of food but don’t cut it completely. Eat meat or rice once a month or even once a week to enjoy your weight loss journey. As an exception try to cut out junk foods such as soda, chips, candy, chocolate, ice cream, burger. Avoid the strategy of allowing a cheat day yourself per week, if you want to lose weight fast. Just have a small treat after dinner a week.

Fast food and sweet food are processed unhealthy, and fatty. KFC fries are fried in lard, McDonald’s soft serves made from pig fat, and some processed shakes contain no natural ingredients. Know what suits you and what isn’t.

Don’t cut out carbs completely:

Don’t cut all carbs from your routine, just know a number of carbs you are eating. Try 50% of food rich in carbs daily. Carbs run your body in an order to function out properly. It helps your body to convert fats into an energy. Don’t skip carbs, if you do so you will become fatigued, lethargic, and eventually gain more fats back. Also, cutting out carbs can slow the function of brain and hormone production.

 Add 20 minutes of exercise per day:

lose weight

If exercise were a medicine, it would be one of the most costly medicine ever invented. If you are on a diet, try exercises of your own choice such as dancing, upstairs, and walking. Take the stairs and don’t go elevator, Window-shop with your best friend, walk to train or a bus. All these things increase the number of calories you burn. Twenty minutes of exercise can do a magic for you while giving you energy and strength. It can burn approximately 500 extra calories a day.

 Drink green tea to lose weight fast:


Want to know How to lose weight fast for women? Get this: researchers have found that the drinkers of green-tea can burn almost 80 calories a day just by drinking it. Green tea is even better for women than men. By burning 80 extra calories a day you can lose almost 8 pounds in a year. This is because of catechin, metabolism-enhancing antioxidants, which is found in green tea.

Give Up Unhealthy And Processed Foods:


We love snacking on chips, cakes, biscuits, sausages, French fries, candies, and pies. Although they are delicious in taste yet they are rich in unhealthy sugars and fats that can cause weight gain happen fast. These items of food also lead to higher level of an unhealthy cholesterol. In an order to be a slim lady, you have to replace these with healthier options such as vegetables and fruits. You can make fruits and vegetables interesting alternative to these snacks. You can eat fruit salad with hummus or peanut butter. You can also have a handful of nuts or popcorns in the natural form. You can also try Greek yogurt topped with berries and honey to boost your metabolism. 

Stay Away From Fad Diets to lose weight fast:


Fad diets are a big no as an answer ofHow to lose weight fast for women”? Especially in a case if you want to lose weight for the long-term. Many of fad diets promise fast weight loss and they do yield outcomes. But these results can be seen only for short-term and are often accompanied by health risks and nutritional deficiencies. You have to take care of your body and choose your plan for diet carefully to incorporate a healthy diet with more daily activity.
Do moderate exercise before breakfast to lose weight fast:

Do exercise in the morning before breakfast, because it boosts your metabolic rate. So that you can burns calories even after the workout is over. While evening exercise burn calories only during the session. Also. Morning exercise energizes you and gives you a feeling of accomplishment. Don’t skip breakfast after exercise, if you do so you will crave for food all day long. So, even if it’s just an apple and a cup of tea, it will do well for you.


Make healthy choices and do cardio at the gym to lose weight. And, even if you want to know How to lose weight fast for women the answer is almost same. Drink plenty of water, eat regular but short meals and a healthy breakfast to look like a model girl.


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