What Are The Side Effects of Iaso Tea-An honest review

Many people are asking about Iaso tea side effects so I am going to discuss this matter with you people. Nowadays, iaso tea is becoming more popular among diet-conscious people. It is a detox and weight-loss product discovered and told by Dr. Bill Miller. It usually contains holy thistle, ginger, chamomile, marshmallow leaves, blessed thistle, myrrh, and malva. To get maximum and fast results, you have to drink a 9-ounce glass with lunch, dinner, and snacks. It is most expensive tea and the 40-day supply of this tea is about 50 dollars. It was first released in 2013. This tea is produced by Total Life Changes, LLC, and a US-based company. Along with benefits, there are some Iaso tea side effects.

It looks attractive to see some popular celebrities touching their fat loss benefits on social media, their before and after pics are definitely impressive. Detox tea is like the liquid version of waist trainers. Now you must be thinking are they really safe? And do they really work? Before sipping and spending your money on it you have to know certain things, which are given below.

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No Real Science – “Clinical Proof?”

Before discussing Iaso tea side effects we should see its major benefits. There is a lack of clinical proof about iaso tea ingredients. One research editor says that “there are a lot of hype surrounding this tea for detoxifying the body and weight-loss, we didn’t see any solid research about it, which is based on medical.” Many dieters claimed that “it does not work at all.” 1 user of iaso tea reported that “I am continuously using it from 3 weeks but it does not seem to be effective. I didn’t lose that extra pounds.” Some other dieters and users of this product said that “kindly save your money… it doesn’t work.”

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However, one dieter was so satisfied towards this product and said “I am feeling much better and relaxed by gaining some extra energy due to sipping iaso tea”. And another was even surprised by its taste and benefits too. He said “I had tried all the weight loss teas and their taste was horrible but iaso tea is the salutary product for me.”

There is no clinical support for Iaso tea, but some people have claimed it good.

Dozens of user Complaints – “No Good!”

Dozens of people complained that “they didn’t see any outcomes, would not purchase this product again.” Another user of Iaso tea said that “it’s wastage of your precious money and doesn’t work.” You have to see a picture from both the sides. One said that “I would recommend this product…satisfied with what I purchased.” One customer offered, “I like this Iaso tea, did what I expect it to do.”

I can say that if Iaso tea side effects and cost is problematic the chances of success is quite minimal. We can easily find many users of iaso tea who can tell Iaso tea side effects, this could be a major issue.

What we should do to minimize iaso tea side effects:

Although we see iaso tea side effects, yet we can minimize them for us.

You still have to diet and exercise for it to work:


Iaso tea can benefit you a lot when combined with healthy and balanced diet, plenty of water, and 4 to 5 workouts a week. If you are too lazy to workout at the gym and don’t want to eat out healthy you cannot shrink your shape by only sipping iaso tea.

You might lose water weight, not actual fat:


Iaso tea is combined with caffeine, which causes you to lose water weight fast. You can lose water weight fast by sipping iaso tea daily. 1 cup of water weighs a half pound on a scale. So, losing that fluid can make you feel and look lighter even without losing an ounce of actual fat. This tea is best for your health and stomach and can give you the motivation and confidence to be smarter. But this alone cannot make you lean. If you come back to your old eating habits the weight will come back on its place.

Some iaso tea ingredients can have unwanted side effects:

iaso tea side effects

It includes some special herbs, which have the ability to curb appetite, boost basal metabolic rate, or boost water weight loss in some other ways. Senna mostly found in iaso tea is an example of it with a natural laxative effect. Potential Iaso tea side effects are gas, abdominal pain, bloating, nausea, discomfort, cramps, and diarrhea. Excessive use of iaso tea can cause electrolyte abnormalities such as potassium depletion, which can trigger an abnormal heart rhythm and muscle spasms.

Iaso tea side effects: It may interfere with sleep:

Iaso tea sometimes contains caffeine, which triggers your digestive system to shed water weight fast. A caffeine can be so dangerous for your health when consumed in an excessive amount. It can interfere with getting good night sleep. Try to drink ioas tea at least 5 hours before going to the bed. If you are looking for fat loss, commit to making good sleep a top priority.
“Any Validity?”-The Science

No medical science exists that support the internal cleansing and weight-loss claims made about Iaso Tea. There are a lot of pleasures surrounding it, but there is no clinical proof about them. We cannot assume anything by ourselves. We have to find published evidence At DietSpotlight, but we found nothing in this case. So, everything is an imaginary.


Iaso tea side effects exist but not too much. If you sip it at the right amount, at the right time, with the right person you can stay motivated towards your goals. But try diet and exercises along with the iaso tea.

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