Can you boost testosterone naturally?

If you are looking for how to increase testosterone naturally start by checking your routine habits. You have to change your lifestyle and daily habits. Try to recover your overall health and then, you can easily keep up a healthy level of testosterone. Testosterone is the male sex hormone, but women also have this hormone in a small amount. Women produce this hormone in their ovaries and men in their testicles. The adrenal glands can also produce it in a little amount. Testosterone is the main driver of physical changes of boys, when they grow old such as deeper voice, hair growth and increased muscles. It is important to have this hormone at the healthy level throughout the adult age and even during old age.

For the adults, it is important to have an optimal level of testosterone for disease risk, sexual function, general health, body composition and just above everything else. Moreover, you can easily increase muscle mass and vitality by increasing your testosterone level. It can also play an important role in female sexual health and overall well-being. So, men, as well as women, should make sure that they have optimal levels of testosterone, especially when they grow old.

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How to increase testosterone naturally:

Let us discuss how to increase testosterone naturally.

Get Enough Sleep to increase testosterone naturally:


For a number of men poor sleep and low testosterone is the most common factor. A poor sleep affects a variety of chemicals and hormones in the body. However, good sleep maintains a healthy level of testosterone, says George Yu, MD, a urology professor at the George Washington University Medical Center in Washington. Your priority should be aiming for 8 to 9 hours daily. Turn off the TV and all electronic devices and drop your unhealthy schedule. It’s so important thing. If you have any sleeping disorder talk to your doctor about it.

Keep a Healthy Weight to increase testosterone naturally:


Want to know how to increase testosterone naturally? So you have to maintain a healthy body weight. Alvin M. Matsumoto, MD, of the University Of Washington School Of Medicine in Seattle Says that Over weighed and obese men have a high risk of low testosterone. For those, losing some extra fats can be a miracle because it bring your testosterone at an optimal level. Also, low body weight is also a dangerous thing and you have to bring your weight at a healthy level to increase testosterone naturally.

Eat Protein, Fat, and Carbs to increase testosterone naturally:

Eat Protein, Fat, and Carbs

Your diet has a major impact on your testosterone level. It’s important to know what you eat to ensure your good healthy as well as to increase testosterone naturally. So, you have to pay attention to your eating habits and diet strategy. Crash dieting or extra eating habits can disrupt your testosterone level. You have to make sure that you are getting enough protein to lose fats, which is linked to your testosterone. Some other nutrients such as carbs and fats are also essential for the optimization of health and testosterone. Carbs are best suited for resistance training to increase testosterone naturally. Shortly I recommend a diet, which is based on whole foods with a healthy balance of protein, carbs, and fats. This diet will be beneficial for both hormones and overall health.

Stay Active to increase testosterone naturally:


You have to keep moving to increase testosterone naturally. When you feel rest your body sends a message to the brain that you don’t need more to bolster your bones and muscles. But, when you are active physically, your brain gets the message to produce more of it. If you are not considering an exercise now, you can try walking, skipping, cardio etc.

Get Some Sun or Take a Vitamin D Supplement to increase testosterone naturally:


Vitamin D is a natural testosterone booster and has various health benefits. It is now becoming most popular vitamin due to its benefits. Although it is so important yet a lot of US population is deficient in it. A study found that by taking it regularly you can increase your testosterone level by almost 25%. To increase testosterone naturally you have to take sunlight as well as vitamin D supplements daily.

Take Control of Your Stress to increase testosterone naturally:


Don’t stress too much and try to relax your body as well as the brain. In the presence of stress hormone, your body produces less testosterone. You have to control your stress to keep up an optimal level of testosterone. If you are doing a lot of overtime work try to cut back on long work hours. Find relaxing games and activities you like except work such as playing music, exercise with your partner etc.

Take Some of These Natural Testosterone Boosters to increase testosterone naturally:

Scientific studies proved some testosterone boosters good. If you really want to know how to increase testosterone naturally you can easily find solutions. An herb called ashwagadha is the most researched herb. This herb increases your testosterone level by 18% and sperm count by 170%, a study found. It also aids in lowering your stress hormone called cortisol.

You can also take ginger extracts to increase testosterone naturally. It can boost your testosterone level by 18% and 50% your other sex hormones.

Some other herbs are also beneficial for increasing testosterone in both humans and animals such as mucuna pruriens, tongkat ali, shilajit, and horny goat weed. Try to use these natural herbs if you have decreased the level of testosterone. 


How to increase testosterone naturally is not a difficult question. It’s simple to answer. Take care of your health, diet, sleep and sex habits to ensure your testosterone level at an optimal place. Its good level is important for both humans and animals.


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