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Anabolic steroids are among the most popular products among fitness enthusiasts, as they allow you to develop muscle mass and physical strength (by inhibiting the feeling of tiredness and pain).

However, they suffer from a fairly controversial reputation, and many fear the potential adverse and harmful side effects they may have on health. It is true that in view of the wide choice you will find in terms of anabolic steroids on the Internet, and the difficulty in finding reliable and clear information on their composition and their effects, it is not always easy to navigate. That’s why we offer in this article our ranking of the best products. Follow the guide !

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How to choose Legal Anabolic  steroids for sale?

Before buying steroids, know that all have a different impact, and therefore do not meet the same needs and sports goals. So take the time to read our opinion on each product to find the one that suits you best.

First and foremost, it is important to understand that steroids are much more powerful products than anabolic steroids and are therefore aimed at athletes who want to significantly increase their muscle mass. It is recommended to take them during the period of mass gain (not dry). All androgen products will therefore have the effect of increasing the volume and size of your muscles, but some will be more targeted, or simply more effective than others.

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If some will turn to testosterone (in any form) for a conventional mass-gain cycle (since it is often well tolerated by men and proven effective), other steroids in this comparison are also advised to gain muscle and develop physical strength. You can also combine the two, making sure that they are compatible, which is not always the case.

Top 14 Best Legal Anabolic steroids for sale – The Precautions to Take:

Before taking steroids, it must be understood that the latter accelerate the mass gain. However, weight gain does not necessarily mean muscle gain. Indeed, some products may cause you to get fat or cause water retention (like Haloestin, to name just him). Among the other side effects observed after taking anabolic steroids, we must also pay attention to digestive problems, including bloating.

In general, a steroid cure should always be part of a healthy and balanced diet (including high protein, carbohydrate and fat) if you want to gain muscle, not fat.

Below, the best anabolic steroids in detail.

Dianabol Steroid:

Dianabol (which is also found under the name Methendienone or D-bal in its legal version, fully deserves its place in this top of the best steroids since it allows to obtain in record time impressive results. protein synthesis, it allows you to take muscle mass (both in volume and size) while maintaining your glycogen, which is important for muscle retention).

To avoid its potential side effects (on the liver, too), it is recommended to stick to the dosage given by specialists (ie not more than 80 mg per day), preferably after a meal. You can also pair it with protections like Tudca or Samarin that will protect your liver. For even more spectacular results, it is also possible to couple its course of D-bal with other anabolic (and especially testosterone).dianabol (dbal)

How it Works?

Dianabol is an anabolic for improving protein synthesis. The body will thus produce cells more rapidly allowing the metabolism of proteins. Result: this steroid will increase your muscle mass easily. It will also prevent a deterioration of your muscles and bring your body energy by boosting your dopamine levels. During your training, you will be more enduring and powerful.

Dianabol Disadvantages:

Like other steroids, Danabiol can be toxic to the liver (depending on the dosage). It is therefore advisable to take it for a maximum of 6 weeks. It can also lead to increased cholesterol levels, high blood pressure and fluid retention.

Anavar Steroid:

The Anavar (which you would also find under the name “Oxandrolone”) is one of the most popular steroids among athletes. This dihydrotestosterone derivative is sometimes prescribed to facilitate recovery after surgery or a serious infection, but it is also an excellent complement for gaining weight (muscle and non-fat).

The legal form of Anavar is Anvarol, for similar results. You can buy it in oral form (especially powder), but also injections.

However, stick to the dose recommended by its manufacturer (and do not exceed 40 mg per day for men, and 20 mg for sports). It is also recommended to take it after a meal (not fasting) since Anavar is hepatoxic, that is to say that it has a negative impact on your liver. You can however combine it with other steroids, including Dianabiol, Sustanon 250 or Winstrol.

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How it Works?

In sports and bodybuilders, Anavar is a steroid used. The latter provides the muscles with the energy necessary for their contraction. In fact, Anavar increases phosphocreatine levels, creating ATP (= energy-dense amino acid) to give you more energy for more workouts. In bodybuilding, the Anavar helps to:

  • Boost anabolic performance and avoid muscle melting
  • Stimulate your testosterone levels;
  • Decrease the production of glucocorticoid hormones;
  • Burn the bad fats.

With Anavar, you will gain in strength and energy.

Anavar Disadvantages:

The side effects of this steroid are rare (initially, it was designed for women and children). In contrast, side effects may occur in case of overdose or prolonged intake. Like other steroids, Anavar can also be harmful to the liver.

Clenbuterol Steroid:

If Clenbuterol is not really an anabolic steroid (but rather an anti-catabolic), it remains an essential product for fitness enthusiasts by facilitating mass gain, but also the melting of your body fat (so it is ideal in mass period to melt without losing muscle).

You can take it in capsules as well as in syrup or injections.

Its main strength is to not cause any of the side effects that are often attributed to anabolic steroids (including water retention). Provided of course to respect the dosage of the manufacturer (no more than 140 mg per day for men, 120 mg for women). The help of a doctor will however be necessary, especially if you want to couple it with more aggressive steroids like Winstrol or Primobolan.


How it Works?

Clenbuterol is a thermogenic that boosts body temperature to increase your basal metabolic rate. Result: your body uses its stored fat to meet its energy needs. Thanks to this action, you burn fat for lean and well-defined muscles. With Clunbeterol, your oxygen flow is also increased, which will help you perform better during your workouts (it will be more intense and longer).

With Clenbuterol, you can:

  • Lose fat through its fat-burning and appetite suppressant effect;
  • Increase your muscle mass
  • Improve your physical performance
  • Boost your protein intake;
  • Improve your blood circulation.

Clenbuterol Disadvantages:

Like other anabolic steroids, Clenbuterol does not just have benefits. That is why it is essential to respect its dosage at all costs. Side effects include: insomnia, nervousness and mood swings, headaches, uncomfortable sweating, tachycardia. This steroid can also be dangerous for the heart.

Anadrole Steroid:

Anadrole is a steroid that is also very effective at gaining muscle mass. He would even earn up to 30 pounds on a one and a half month cycle. You can find it under different names depending on the country where you live like Hemogenin, Oxitosona, Anapolon or Kanestron. Its legal version is called Anadrole.

It is true that the results obtained with this anabolic steroid are impressive. Be careful, however, to respect the dosage and find a dosage that corresponds with a doctor, the latter depending on several factors such as your weight, but also your level. Do not exceed 6 weeks of treatment (to avoid possible side effects) and take blood samples regularly to make sure that the dose you are taking is not too strong.


With a high concentration of testosterone, taking Anadrole exposes you to the risk of erection uncontrolled, or the famous “men boobs” (the formation of a breast in humans). Pay attention also to sleep problems, and to a possible modification of your libido and even the color of your skin.

However, Anadrole remains a steroid with a very good reputation (used by some doctors for example), which is recommended especially for people suffering from muscle atrophy and needing to regain muscle quickly. It is also known to be particularly effective on women and provide results very quickly (even if you think you have reached a plateau).

How it Works?

By increasing the production of red blood cells in the blood, Anadrol brings more oxygen to your muscles. With this muscle fuel, your workouts will be longer and more advanced. And since oxygen plays a major role in recovery, you’ll soon be ready for another workout.

The Anadrole is a powerful steroid that will allow you to be more energetic, more efficient and better recover. Your muscles will also gain mass.

Anadrole Disadvantages:

Anadrole can cause fluid retention and high blood pressure. As stated before, this anabolic can also lead to uncontrolled erections and chest formation.

Testo-Max Steroid:

As a legal substitute for Sustanon, Testo-Max is a food supplement developed by the specialized site Crazy Bulk. Thanks to its composition, which contains vitamin D2, terrestrial tribule or Ginseng, Testo Max will stimulate your natural testosterone production. And so to gain muscle mass and physical strength. It is also an excellent steroid to strengthen your stamina, and help you recover faster after a workout.

To boost its effectiveness, it is advisable to stick to the dosage indicated by the manufacturer. Namely 3 capsules a day, preferably before training. Testo-Max is also a good product stacked with other steroids. Including Dianabol and Trenbolone, for which it is almost essential to increase its testosterone levels.

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How it Works?

In bodybuilding, testosterone is a major element since this hormone determines the size, strength and energy of your muscles, but also your performance and power. By secreting testosterone, Testo Max will help you get past you physically, quickly (usually in 2 weeks). In addition, it contains natural ingredients such as fenugreek, terrestrial tribule or vitamin D3. With Testo Max, you can:

  • Improve your physical performance
  • Increase your muscle mass
  • Boost your libido;
  • Better recover.

Testo-Max Disadvantages:

If you respect the dosage, no side effects will be felt. The terrestrial tribule can, however, lead to weight gain and prostate problems.

Nandrolone Steroid:

Nandrolone (or Deca-durabolin) is a steroid that also enjoys a good reputation, especially because it is marketed since the 1960s and is twice as anabolic as testosterone (while being 5 times less dangerous) . It is therefore an excellent alternative for people with contraindications to aromatization and would like to avoid the side effects that may result. It will moreover a spectacular mass gain, even on short cycle.

How it Works?

Deca-Durabolin increases the amount of red blood cells and allows the muscles to keep more nitrogen. Your body can produce more muscle and protein. With this steroid, more oxygen also reaches your muscles for longer, more intense workouts and faster recovery time.

Nandrolone Disadvantages:

The side effects are quite mild. On the other hand, one must be patient to feel the first effects. But once the results have arrived, you will feel stronger and better.

Cypionate Steroid:

Cypionate is a testosterone-based steroid that you can inject directly into your veins. Some doctors recommend it to men not producing naturally enough. It is also a supplement that will take the mass dramatically.

The dosage of Cypionate will depend largely on your level. Beginners should be at a dose not exceeding 250 mg per week, but the most experienced can achieve doses of 500 to 1000 mg per week. Also keep the life of this product, which can exceed a week and do not follow a cycle of more than 10 weeks.

Be particularly alert to the potential side effects of this anabolic steroid. More insidious than other products, it can lead to aggressive behavior or cause high blood pressure. However, it is not dangerous for the liver, which is good news in itself.

Very effective on most athletes who take it, it is also quite easy to find, both online and in pharmacies in USA.

HGH Steroid:

The hormone HGH, or human growth hormone is very important to boost the development and regeneration of your cells. From a certain age, our body finishes producing it, hence the interest to supplement. If it has legal therapeutic uses, taking HGH as anabolic steroid to improve its sports performance is prohibited in USA.

It nevertheless allows to develop its muscle mass, and strengthen its bone mass. HGH also helps to recover better after intense physical exertion. And accelerate muscle healing. The hormone HGH also has powerful anabolic effects. It stimulates the production of IGF, which facilitates muscle repair. However, be careful with its many side effects, including joint pain, or thyroid problems.

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To avoid them, turn to its legal substitute, developed by the site Crazy Bulk: HGH-X2. It will mimic the effects of growth hormone. And you will gain lean muscle without taking any risks to your health.

HGH Disadvantages

Taking growth hormone is not without its harmful effects. The main disadvantages of this are: joint pain, hypertension and heart problems, water retention, muscle pain or a rise in bad cholesterol.

Primobolan Steroid:

Primobolan (or primo for its followers) is very popular with some followers of bodybuilding, since it is less concentrated and therefore less aggressive than the other anabolic steroids presented in this top. As a result, it will not cause any harmful effect on your liver and will allow you to gain muscle mass in a progressive way, since you can follow much longer courses. Its impact is mainly on the activity of your testosterone, while allowing to reduce your levels of DHT (female hormones can for example cause breast formation in men athletes).

It is generally recommended not to exceed 400 mg per week for men, and 100 mg for women. (with or without meals) You can also combine it with Anadrol or Dianabol to maximize its effects on your physical strength and the development of your muscles.

Testosterone Enanthate Streoid:

Enanthate is a synthesized form of testosterone that helps gain lean muscle mass (with an observed increase of 15%), while strengthening your immune system. You will however find it for sale under more common names like Delatestryl or Test E. It is also quite easy to find in pharmacy, but also online (through reputable resellers to avoid counterfeiting).

Be careful, however, to respect the dosage indicated by the manufacturer and not to exceed a dosage of 600 mg per week. The side effects of this anabolic steroid being relatively small (even if it can cause nausea and migraines), you can take it on longer cycles, up to 20 weeks, and therefore gain mass gradually. If you notice headaches or vomiting, consult your doctor or change steroids. This may indicate that he is not reacting to another product.

Winstrol Steroid:

Winstrol is an anabolic steroid that is particularly popular with athletes in dry weather. It makes it possible to take lean muscle mass. And get rid of his fat stocks. Although it boosts the production of red blood cells, Winstrol is however better known to facilitate muscle retention in the dry period than to increase it during the setting phase. Indeed, athletes who wish to dry generally fear that this will result in muscle loss. In this case, Winstrol is relevant.

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It is also used as part of a slimming diet. Its fat burning properties actually make it easier to lose weight. Even if it must be part of a healthy and balanced diet. Be careful however of its side effects. Although it is more easily tolerated than other steroids, it nevertheless poses risks for the liver, but also for the heart. To avoid them, it is advisable to turn to a legal substitute, such as Winsol, offered by the site Crazy Bulk.

How it Works?

Used by athletes and bodybuilders, Winstrol promises you titanic performances. With this steroid, you will be more powerful and stronger. You can also sculpt your body and therefore define your muscles. With Winstrol, you can also gain muscle mass, make it easier to dry and lose weight.

Winstrol Disadvantages:

Prolonged or severe intake of Winstrol is bad for the liver (toxicity). This steroid can also increase the level of bad cholesterol and decrease the level of the good.

Sustanon Steroid:

If you want to progress dramatically, Sustanon is definitely the steroid you need. By combining four synthetic forms of testosterone (propionate, phenylpropionate, isocaproate and deconate), you have in your hands a high performance product that will allow you to gain muscle mass quickly, but also strength and endurance. As a result, you will be able to lift heavier loads and hold on longer sessions.

Its main strength is to allow a lean muscle mass gain (and not extra pounds only due to water retention). For this, follow the dosage indicated (avoiding exceeding 750 mg per week for men and women). You can also combine it with Anadrol or Winstrol.

Trenbolone Steroid:

Trenorol is an anabolic steroid that was originally produced by a French laboratory for veterinary use. However, it has quickly become popular among athletes who can gain muscle mass and gain physical strength. The Tren is also a good boost to increase energy levels and fight more effectively against fatigue. Result: the tren allows to hold a greater range of repetitions and training much more intensive.

However, tren is also known for its many side effects. Attention in particular to gynecomastia, but also to hair loss and acne problems. Tren can also cause digestive and heart problems. To avoid them, the best solution is to prefer the Trenorol, marketed by Crazy Bulk.


By mimicking the effects of Tren without posing health risks, Trenorol can also be stacked with testosterone-based steroids.

How it Works?

Powerful, this steroid promotes the production of red blood cells in the blood thus bringing more oxygen to your muscles. Your power is thus greater. With Trenbolone, more nitrogen is also retained by your muscle tissue. With more nitrogen and more protein, you burn more fat and gain muscle.

Trenbolone can be taken in tablet form or injected directly into the blood.

Trenbolone Disadvantages:

If you do not comply with the dosage, you are exposed to side effects: heart and digestive problems, loss of testosterone, migraines, mood swings, difficulty sleeping or hair loss.

Boldenone Steroid:

The Boldenone has serious assets explaining that they are very popular among bodybuilding enthusiasts and cross-country athletes. With almost no androgenic effects, it is a very safe product, with almost no side effects. If it is known for its use on animals, it is also an excellent steroid to gain muscle, even if one should not expect a weight gain as spectacular as with the other products presented in this article. article. It will however be perfect for those looking for more modest results, but also more durable.

Among its other positive points, it boosts your appetite (which is important when you want to take muscle) and is not at all binding (neither in terms of dosage, nor in the duration of your anabolic cycles) . A safe value that will be ideal for beginners, who wish to learn about taking steroids.

Should we do like everyone else and take steroids?

Now that you know more about the supply of anabolic steroids for bodybuilders, it’s easier to find the one that best suits your needs. Do not forget that these products are not as miraculous as you would like to believe, and above all requires a real physical work, but also the adoption of an appropriate diet, so that your catch is lean: either muscle, and nothing but muscle.

However, for a significant increase, it will be almost impossible to achieve convincing results without the help of anabolic steroids. In all cases, bring a doctor (who will help you determine the best dosage in your case), and be aware of the risks that steroids pose for your body (and in particular your liver).

It must be understood that steroids are very powerful drugs (which originally allowed to treat serious pathologies), and are sometimes subject to questionable traffic. So turn to only legal products, purchased in pharmacies or specialized sites and recognized.and to share your opinion and your advice.

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