How to lose weight fast and easy without diet or exercise:

You may ask how to lose weight fast without exercise when sticking to traditional exercise or diet plan is difficult to follow for you. There are some methods that can help you to shed some extra pounds .But, they require a lot of hard work and willpower. I am going to tell you some effective tips to lose fats as well as to prevent fat gain in the upcoming future by eating fewer calories “mindlessly”.

The answer of how to lose weight fast without exercise is that you have to adopt certain habits in an order to lose weight. Try to be active and watch your eating if you want weight loss to happen fast without exercise. A lot of fad or crash diets, diet pills promise an easy and quick weight loss but these all are not healthy and you cannot follow them for the sake of your health.

Change Your Eating Style to lose weight fast without exercise:

It may sound silly, but its reality. You just have to change your eating habits and styles to lose weight fast without exercise. You can lose weight by some methods even without really trying. Yeah, you heard it right, you can. By changing your style of eating you can make a huge difference in your routine with a bit of effort. Generally, your brain gets the signal of fullness after 20 minutes of eating. So, be the slow eater and don’t eat fast. Eat a sandwich and wait for the feeling of satisfaction before going for the second.

Chew your food slowly and drink water between meals to make you full faster. If you are not patient turn on the TV and watch something between meal and then start eating again if you are not really satisfied until then. Try to delay your hunger if you are not really hungry and want food for taste and time pass. 

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Eat Plenty of Protein to lose weight:

lose weight fast without exercise


Protein is a hunger reducer and has the strong and powerful impact on appetite. It increases you feeling of fullness and you will likely eat fewer calories. Some hunger hormones such as ghrelin and GLP-1 gets efficient by receiving protein and handles your appetite. Increasing your protein intake from 20% to 25% help you to eat 400 fewer calories a day and you can easily lose 10 pounds in 10 weeks easily. Try 2 eggs at the breakfast daily to turn on your fat burning mode. Protein rich foods are fish, Greek yogurt, milk, quinoa, lentils, almonds, chicken breast, beans, and pulses.

Get up, Stand up to lose weight fast without exercise:


Sitting will definitely add pounds of unhealthy fats on your body. Go stairs and take your calls on your feet. Try to do your office work without your seats. Cook your own food at the kitchen and add games such as hockey or cricket in your routine.

Use Smaller Plates for processed Foods:

foods high in fiber

Use small plates instead of large to eat less by making food look greater. Because a larger plate can make portion look smaller comparatively and forces you to add-on some more food. This idea can benefit you by putting healthy foods in larger plates while unhealthy one in smaller plates. 

 Lose Weight fast With Green Tea:

benefits of green tea

Green tea is rich in antioxidants and you can lose an incredible amount of weight by adding green tea to your routine. Drink at least 7 cups a day to burn fats. It converts unhealthy and excessive fats into an energy. Moreover, it aids in controlling hunger and feeling of tiredness. Get relax and drink green tea to be smart and healthy.

Lose Weight with Water fast and without exercise:

detox water for weight loss

If you want to know how to lose weight fast without exercise? Water can be an answer. Water is a perfect booster and it boosts fat burning. I recommend you to have 15 glasses of water a day to lose weight fast. If you drink iced cold water your body will burn extra calories to warm it up at the temperature of the body. You can add flavor to water such as coffee or green tea to lose weight even faster.

Eat Fiber-Rich Foods to lose weight fast:

what foods are high in fiber

Fiber-rich foods will make you more satisfied longer. A specific kind of fiber namely viscous fiber aids in weight loss. It will make you more satisfied by reducing your food intake as well. Viscous fiber produces the gel in your stomach when combined with water. This gel makes your body able to absorb healthy nutrients and make your stomach full every time. So, add more and more fiber in your food to lose weight fast without exercise. Viscous fiber is present in plant-based foods such as asparagus, flax seeds, oranges, oat cereals and, Brussels sprouts. It is also found in glucomannan, a weight loss supplement.

Sleep Well and Avoid Stress to lose weight fast without exercise:

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Don’t neglect your stress and sleep for the sake of your health. Because both have the powerful impact on your hunger and weight. A poor sleep or a lack of sleep can disrupt your appetite-regulating hormones ghrelin and leptin. Also, one another stress hormone called cortisol becomes elevated when your mind has too much stress. If you have these hormones disrupted your chances to overeat and crave for unhealthy food are more. And, you will likely eat higher calorie food.

Eliminate Sugary Drinks lose weight fast without exercise:


Sugar is your worst enemy you have to avoid. Sugary beverages have been associated with many western diseases. Don’t drink your calories in the form of sugary drinks because these liquid calories while leave you unsatisfied will adding some pounds on your body. Staying away from processed sugar and sugary drinks can provide long-term health benefits. Try fresh juices, coffee, and green tea and avoid soda because all it has is sugar.


Got an idea about how to lose weight fast without exercise? Isn’t it simple? Eat a balanced diet by controlling your portion sizes and drink more water. Eat a lot of fiber and protein to feel full longer and you will lose all those excessive pounds.


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