Maxime Parisi IFBB PRO France Bodybuilder - height, Weight, Age

Maxime Parisi IFBB PRO France Bodybuilder

At the time you read this article the San Marino Pro is over. Maxim wins a beautiful 5th place for his pro debut. He is happy and has met great athletes. It only remains for him to train hard to get the best place!

In a few days will take place the San Marino Pro in Italy. This Bodybuilding competition reserved for the “pros” is an official competition IFBB Pro League which will take place from December 2nd to 4th in the Republic of San Marino, a very small state of Italy, at the same time as the amateur Olympia contest. Do not be confused, this is the fourth edition of San Marino Pro, the most anticipated event of bodybuilding in Italy, which continues to expand its international reputation. The previous three editions have been a growing success.

We asked Maxime Parisi, our Athlete About Men’s Team Ambassador, how was his preparation going. And here is what he told us:

“My preparation is going very well! I was very apprehensive and afraid of not recovering from my injury (wrist ligament rupture in June) But, with my coach Arnaud Plaisant, we worked hard and adapted a new and very intense program to landing at this sporting stop of a fairly long duration (2 months and a half).

Today, I am well recovered and I even managed to get more muscle gains than before because I think to go on stage at around 80 kg (very dry) against 77 kg at my last competition Olympia.

Diet level, I’m already ready to go on stage. My metabolism is very fast and as soon as I take the fat burners (Redburn Superset) associated with the strict diet of Arnaud, I literally fund !!!

Regarding my competitors, the list of participants has just been posted on the website, but that does not matter because, among the pros, we know in advance that we will face the best men’s physics of the world. world because it’s the elite of fitness !!

This beginning for the “pros” is therefore very important for me, because it will allow me to situate myself in relation to my competitors. That’s why my coach and I decided to get on the stage quickly so we know where we are and where we need to focus our future efforts. In bodybuilding, believe my experience, it is impossible to locate or compare to others as we are not on stage next to them!

So, to finish I’m really excited and stressed at the same time because it’s really a new stage that starts for me. I feel that I will participate in my very first competition! (Ahahah)

All preparations are not yet defined, but I think we will go to Italy with Team AboutMen’s !!

Going IFBB Pro was part of my biggest goals !! I can not climb higher. Now the stakes of these competitions among the pros are considerable, because they allow us to get a qualification for the biggest competition of Fitness and Bodybuilding in the world “Olympia Pro Vegas”.

Now, there is more to cross your fingers and give everything I have! In any case, one thing is certain, I will display a super physics 😉

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