Oxybreath Pro amazon – Price, Reviews and How it works? 2020

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Oxybreath Pro reviews:

OxyBreath Pro mask for respiratory protection, OxyBreath Pro mask for protection against influenza: half mask (covering the nose, mouth and chin) designed to protect from dust (solid particles suspended in the air such as wood dust, flour, asbestos) and aerosols (fine droplets produced during spraying operations) whose liquid phase is water or oil.

OxyBreath Pro mask does not protect against gases and vapors.

Disposable OxyBreath Pro mask providing optimal breathing comfort, its lightness, its perfect support and its adaptation to the morphology of the face as well as the softness of its hypoallergenic internal face provide it with more comfort and thus allows a wearing time of 8 hours.

OxyBreath Pro mask Reviews:

OxyBreath Pro mask technical sheet:

  • OxyBreath Pro  duckbill mask with single-use ear bands: filtration mask for mouth and nose protected.
  • OxyBreath Pro mask Standard EN 149: 2001 + A1: 2009
  • CE marking 0082 / European directive 89/686 / CE
  • Effectiveness of Type OxyBreath Pro against influenza: It stops at least 94% of particles of 0.6 µm. Recommended by the Ministry of Health as part of the government’s plan to prevent and fight an influenza pandemic.
  • The OxyBreath Pro mask is PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). Respiratory protection equipment: OxyBreath Pro half-mask filtering against particles
  • The duckbill shape provides breathing comfort and optimal coverage for any face shape.
  • OxyBreath Pro mask in thermo-welded polypropylene.
  • Latex-free, valve-free, odorless
  • The elastic bands consolidate the wearing of the OxyBreath Pro mask against the face.
  • Their elasticity allows the OxyBreath Pro mask to adapt to all face sizes and shapes.
  • Softness of the internal face of the OxyBreath Pro mask: which makes it comfortable to wear. The internal side is hypoallergenic.
  • The steel and plypropylene nasal bar allows a good adaptation of the mask to the morphology and ensures a reinforced seal at the level of the nose, the nasal bar makes possible the use of corrective glasses with limitation of fogging.
  • Latex-free ear bands
  • White colour
  • Recommended wearing time of the OxyBreath Pro mask: 8 hours

OxyBreath Pro duckbill mask application:

  • Hospital services whose staff require protection against the inhalation of infectious agents airborne or droplet-borne (avian flu, tuberculosis, etc.).
  • OxyBreath Pro respiratory protection mask for caregivers, visitors and people in contact with individuals carrying the H1N1 virus (influenza A)
  • OxyBreath Pro duckbill mask for protection against avian flu or against swine flu: recommended for the population in the event of an influenza pandemic.
  • OxyBreath Pro respiratory protection mask for the construction industry and all industrial sectors such as the automobile industry, the food industry and professional environments loaded with dust (concrete, cement, plaster, fine particles of paints and resins …). OxyBreath Pro mask for current and intensive use, for long-term work.

OxyBreath Pro mask use:

  • Before using the OxyBreath Pro mask, check that the nasal strip is in good condition and check that it does not penetrate the filter media.
  • Open the OxyBreath Pro mask and check the presence of the 2 elastic bands.
  • Take the OxyBreath Pro mask in one hand, the outside of the mask in the inside of the hand.
  • Preform the nasal bar using the thumb and forefinger
  • With the other hand grab one of the 2 elastic straps, extend it and pass it last the skull to under the ears
  • Take the other elastic strap and pass it through the top of the skull.
  • Adjust the OxyBreath Pro mask on the face so that the nose strip is placed against the wall of the nose
  • With a thumb and forefinger, continue deforming the bar so that it fits perfectly to the nose and does not allow air to pass between the OxyBreath Pro mask and the face.
  • This OxyBreath Pro mask is for single use, after using the OxyBreath Pro mask for a maximum of 8 hours continuously, destroy it.

Packaging of disposable OxyBreath Pro mask:

Single use OxyBreath Pro respiratory protection masks sold in a dispenser box of 25 masks packaged in individual packaging.

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