Ronnie Coleman Steroids, Height, Weight, Age, Now

Ronnie Coleman Steroids, Height, Weight, Age, Now

Ronnie Coleman, whose real name is Ronald Dean Coleman, is an American bodybuilder who competed at the high level from 1990 to 2007. This retired athlete, is recognized by his peers, including Arnold Schwarzenegger, as one of the best of his art. He is even considered in some sports circles as the best bodybuilder of all time. Nicknamed “Big Ron” by some, haloed by the acronym “GOAT” (for Greatest Of All Time) by others, Ronnie is almost unanimous.

His consistency in his work, his daily commitment, his perseverance and his successes are sources of motivation for many bodybuilders, including gym owners who do not hesitate to post a large poster of him, just to testify that he is the best. However, Ronnie Coleman did not always dominate all the shows in which he participated. For example, between 1992 and 1994, Ronnie failed to win a single trophy. But, he came back in force to burn his name in the world bodybuilding books.

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What is bodybuilding, the sport that Ronnie Coleman practices?

Known in French as bodybuilding, bodybuilding is the act of sculpting one’s body by developing one’s muscle mass through training and nutrition. This is not a sport of strength and should not be confused with power lifting, or likened to weightlifting, which are related disciplines. Bodybuilding can be practiced just for a recreational purpose, or as a competitive sport. Competitive bodybuilders like Big Ron have to show the fruits of the work they have done for months or even years in front of a panel of experienced judges who award them points on the basis of their muscular development.

Concretely, the athletes must make poses in jersey. Each pose aims to highlight groups of muscles. As posing is essential in competition, bodybuilders spend many hours perfecting their specific poses routines and individual demonstrations. The winner is the most balanced of all competitors. He is not necessarily the strongest nor the greatest. The criteria on which the judges decide are, among others, the level of dryness, the musculature and the symmetry of the body.

The bodybuilding dry and the successful one by Ronnie Coleman

Drying in bodybuilding involves losing fat, while maintaining muscle mass, or even better, by increasing it. This double objective is difficult to achieve, especially since the reduction of calorie intake by food causes not only a loss of fat but also a loss of protein, valuable components of muscle tissue that any bodybuilder seeks to preserve. The solution lies in a quality diet coupled with adequate training. It’s an art that Big Ron does well, whose body fat is estimated at 3%, according to the experts! A level never reached by a human in perfect physical shape and in perfect health.

Musculature at bodybuilding

Bodybuilding is English bodybuilding which literally means “body building”. It is not a question of pushing bars or lifting very heavy loads to achieve the musculature in the sense of bodybuilding. Bodybuilding is a physical activity that involves training in the rules of the art, developing specific muscle groups with specific exercises, while reconciling recovery times, sleep times, the hours and the quality of the diet.

When everything is well crafted and executed, the result remains remarkable and the judges know how to appreciate it at its fair value! In terms of bodybuilding, Ronnie Coleman (Power lifter) who took his first steps as a strength athlete was able to convince, by his physique, the owner of the gym where he started to bodybuilding. Accustomed to perseverance and rigorous work, it will not hurt to follow instructions, to respect the rules and to prepare to become a champion.

The symmetry of the body in the sense of bodybuilding

The symmetry of the body indicates a properly distributed muscular development from which results a proportionate, balanced and harmonious physique. To achieve such a result, no muscle group should be neglected. We must work them all, without exception. And Ronnie Coleman did it admirably, showing a symmetrical V-shaped body with large, very prominent muscles, from the calves to the shoulders, through the thighs, buttocks, thorax and back. His thighs had an extraordinary size but everything was in balance at GOAT, at least when he was active! The transition is all there to present Big Ron’s measurements.


Big Ron’s accomplishments include his participation in a variety of competitions during which he was ranked among the best. In addition to the history of his competitions, it is important to consider his appearances in films that are a source of inspiration for the younger generations. In addition, GOAT is also an entrepreneur who sells dietary supplements for bodybuilders.

Competition history: a record that imposes respect

Ronnie Coleman wins first place 28 times out of 44 world-class competitions. With 8 wins, he holds the record of Mr Olympia, clearly ahead of Arnold Schwarzenegger who had 7. For the moment, only one athlete, Lee Haney, is tied with him in terms of victories obtained at this prestigious championship. Skylight on the charts of Big Ron who gives the tournis.

Training movies or videos

In 1997, Ronnie made an impressive video entitled First Training Video. Three years later, in 2000, he released The Unbelievable. It took another three years to see another video, this time titled The Cost Of Redemption. After three years, it is the turn of the film Recent less (Implacable) to see the day.


Ronnie was able to develop a monster-sized, harmonious body because he rigorously put himself to work during gym workouts to build muscle mass. He has twice raised a bar of 360 kilograms in a squat exercise. Sometimes he pushed the plug too far. For example, in a video, we see him moving a load of over a ton to his powerful lower limbs.

Realizing that taking very big loads all the time could have damaged his muscles and put his career at risk, Big Ron performed 3 sessions of 10 to 20 repetitions a day. Like any hard worker, GOAT trained 5 days a week, and gave himself a well-deserved rest this weekend to make the most of his free time by recovering from all the riotous energy.

Ronnie Coleman’s Nutrition Model

To support such a level of training and nourish such an imposing body, Ronnie can eat up to 9 times a day, starting at 10am and ending around 1:30 am. For the maintenance and / or development of his muscle mass, Big Ron consumed at least 5562 calories. His daily goal was to take 150g of fat, about 550g of protein and 475g of carbohydrates.

Ronnie has planned his meals around lean proteins (usually egg whites or chicken breasts), complex carbohydrates (brown rice, potatoes, beans, cornbread) and supplements.

Ronnie Coleman: dream and start in bodybuilding

Ronnie Coleman was born in Louisiana, United States, on May 13, 1964. He dreamed from a very young age of embracing a professional career in the American football, a sport known to require a good size and irreproachable strength. From the age of 13, the young man undertakes to prepare himself physically in order to be fit to practice this sport of men. He chose to train by practicing a sport of strength, including the athletic force called power lifting in Quebec and power lifting in English. This sport is like weightlifting to lift loads, but is differentiated by heavier bars, more fundamental technical movements with a relatively small amplitude.

There are 3 movements in athletic strength: squat (leg curl), bench press (developed bedtime) and dead lift (raised ground). The squat consists of going down and up in a squatting position a bar that rests on the back of the shoulders. In the bench press, the sportsman is lying on his back on a bench and recupère a load (bar) it brings up to the height of his chest, marks a stop of a few seconds and relieves up to stretch perfectly his arms. As for the Dead lift, it consists of an athlete in a standing position, to get a bar on the ground and to raise it until it resumes standing. Big Ron does it so well that at 19, he is already very muscular and decides to continue in this sport. Of course, at College, he had the opportunity to practice his childhood sport, American football.

In the yard of big bodybuilders

Ronnie Coleman owes his entry into the sphere of bodybuilding to Brian Dobson, a gym owner who, having found him, found him quite muscular and convinced him to embark on competitive bodybuilding. It was under the coaching of this pro that allowed him to train for free in his gym that Ronnie got his first trophy. As in any project, the beginnings were difficult, and it took motivation to train hard and tirelessly.

Ronnie Coleman’s Test, Break-in, Glory and Retirement

The test

Ronnie’s athletic career began in 1990. Big Ron will be the winner of the April 1990 Mr Texas competition, the Texas NPC championship of the same year and the following year’s World Amateur Championship. From 1990 to 1991, Ronnie’s competitive test shots were successful, proving that Brian Dobson was right!


Between 1993 and 1994, Ronnie will be competing in several competitions like the pro championship of Chicago, the night of the champions, Mr. Olympia and the Grands Prix de France, and of Germany, but will not win any one. Far from being discouraged, he has rather redouble ardor and perseverance in his training. The years that followed were pure delights for him.


Ronnie is at the top of his game from 1995 to 2005, a period during which he will be 8 times champion of Mr Olympia. This represents without a doubt, the crowning of his years of hard work. But that’s not all. Big Ron’s winners include several other championship titles. From 1990 until 2007, he built a remarkable career that included 29 crowns. He came to take the inheritance left by Arnold Schwarzenegger.


There is a time for everything. A time to win and a time to lose. After his dazzling consecutive successes, Ronnie will fail twice in competition Mr. Olympia, especially in 2006 and 2007, and will finish in second place in 3 Grands Prix. He will resolve to retire at age 43, a decision that by far will prove very wise.

Medical Tips by Ronnie Coleman

It has already been said and everyone knows it: a muscle that does not work (enough) atrophies or can deteriorate. After years of intense activity, the rest phase, … sorry retirement, can be problematic for high-level bodybuilders. This is particularly the case of Ronnie. During his glory years, he exploited his physical potential in an extraordinary way. There are graphic tests that show what he was able to do: he filmed himself lifting 360 kilos in a squat exercise (he made 2 repetitions, and blames himself for not having done 4 ). He also put his legs to hard tests. It was all fire all flames!

However, in social networks where he exposes his daily life, he is far from practice. The publications refer to times when he waits to enter the operating room or recover after undergoing surgery. The long reissues after each operation, do not undermine his morale, quite the contrary, he wants more than ever to keep fit, by doing some push-ups.

The intense activity of the past or the current inactivity, or a combination of both, has given him various health problems. He has faced a series of surgeries in recent years, which include two hip replacements and several back operations. A “competitive race” that required a lot of effort for 17 years caused logical wear and tear.

Thus, since retirement, he has been subjected to the following interventions: laminectomy of L4-L5 disk drives (December 2007), L3-L4 decompression (July 2011), C4-C5-C6 fusion neck (December 2011) ), a left hip prosthesis requiring 2 screws (July 2014), a right hip prosthesis requiring 4 screws (August 2014) and a L3-L4 disc fusion (July 2015). In February 2016, neurosurgeons implanted six hardened titanium screws into its dented back, a process that lasted 11 long hours. After spending the year 2017 without intervention, his medical woes resume in February 2018. He had to go under the knife again, an intervention that did not go as planned, requiring suddenly, a correction.

Despite all this, his goal in the near future is to return to the gym and continue to stay in shape. Therefore, during each stay in the hospital, he has moved as best he can to prevent his muscles from atrophying. Now, in the process of rehabilitation, he hopes to soon join the exercise sessions: “At the moment, I am very small, but all is well because we all know that the muscles have memory,” says -he.

And in a post he wrote, “I’m doing everything I can to walk without help, these two surgeries in the last four weeks have made a dent in my body, but I’m a fighter who does not believe in losing to the war, a war in which you will fight until you win, no matter how long it takes to win. Ronnie Coleman, an amazing athlete!

Although much of her life was devoted to bodybuilding, it was not her ambition at all. Before entering the competitive bodybuilding career, Ronnie Coleman graduated with an MA in Accounting from Grambling State University in 1989 but was unable to work as an accountant. He also served as a police officer in the Arlington Police Department, in the city of Texas where he resides.

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Ronnie Coleman Steroids, Height, Weight, Age, Now

Ronnie Coleman Height 1.8 m and Weight 135 kg . Ronnie Coleman Age is 54. Ronnie Coleman Net Worth is $10 million dollars. Ronnie Coleman has “Bald Head”  and eye color is “Black”.

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