Scholastic Competition

scholastic competition

Complete Guide to Scholastic Competition:

There are different types of scholarship competition in the world and each of them has a unique prize according to the requirements and needs of the competition. Different people around the world participate in these competitions and compete for prizes. The winner is decided on the behalf of the winning requirements of the competition and the one who is outstanding throughout the competition definitely, wins. Similarly, you have heard about the Scholastic competition this year. is hosting this competition. Now you will be having various questions in your mind like what is scholastic competition and what are the rules and regulations? How to participate or what are the prizes for winners? So a brief answer to all of these questions is given below to assist you.

Scholastic Article Competition:

Each competition is related to the different subject. Similarly, this competition is held to enhance the awareness in youth regarding health and this will definitely lead to wonderful future. This time they are launching $1000 competition. Any writer who writes a well-researched article related to Men’s health or Fitness etc with respect to different categories mentioned on their website will win and each winner will get $250 as a prize. Their competition is divided into four challenges and each of this has a winning price $250. The last date of submission is 1st June 2019 – DeadlineWe plan to continue this scholarship annually, so if you are not selected in 2019, we encourage you to try again in 2020! You can participate in the 4 competitions if you are eligible. One of the most important advantages is that there is participation fee. So this is the best platform for you to come forward and to showcase your skills to the world. Check this:

article competition

Eligibility Conditions:

Each competition has some specific conditions and the individuals that fulfill all these conditions are eligible. Similarly, this competition has also some eligible conditions. You can only apply if you are fulfilling these conditions.

  • If you are a U.S. Citizen, U.S. national, permanent resident of U.S., Cuban-Haitian Entrants and Refugees then you can apply.
  • You should be full-time enrolled in any institution in U.S. for Graduation or undergraduate program.
  • Applicant must have 18 years old with respect to the laws of the state you are residing in.

Rules and Regulations:

Specific rules and regulations must be followed in order to participate in the Scholastic competition. Some of these are given below

  • No participation fee is required, so that means that you can join the competition freely.
  • One winner will be chosen from each category depending upon the performance.
  • The winner will not share the work with anyone means any third party etc.
  • Every candidate should follow all the rules and regulations and entry into the competition is based on it.

In short, this is a superb opportunity for youth to come forward and to glorify themselves through this competition. As discussed earlier each WINNER will get a prize of $250 so you must compete hardly because there will be a lot participants and you have to prove yourself by hard work and your efforts etc. So just fill the application form and lets prepare for compete and win this competition

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