Serexin Male Enhancement Reviews, Testimonials & Results (2019)

Serexin male enhancement

Performing sexually (having a big pen*s, bending on order and holding as long as possible) is a pressure that many men feel. If you have difficulty getting erect, or the size of your pen*s seems too small, it can create complex. Complexes that, in the long run, can have a negative impact on your love life, and lead to impotence.

This is why more and more sexual stimulants are manufactured and marketed online. Many have a composition and doubtful effects. This causes some fear among men who hear about these new solutions.


Among them, Serexin: a sexual stimulant produced in USA that should allow you to band more easily and more sustainably. And so to satisfy your partner while regaining confidence in you. Is this product really effective? This is what we will see in this complete review, which will allow you to get a better idea of ​​the results you can get with this pill.

Serexin Overview

Serexin is a dietary supplement with sexually stimulating properties. Presented as an innovative solution to counter erectile dysfunction, it is manufactured by a French laboratory (cocorico). And especially by Professor Taubin, to whom we owe this formula based on plant extracts. And especially plants used in traditional medicine, especially Chinese and Indian.

Each has been carefully selected to act on several aspects of male sexuality. Especially on blood circulation, sexual stamina (and therefore energy). But also on the tissues of the penis, which Serexin claims to lengthen gradually so you can have a bigger penis.

The composition of Serexin

The strength of Serexin, which can be considered as a food (a food with medicinal properties proven by science), is therefore its composition. In the form of a small pill, a bit like a dietary supplement, this stimulant acts on your sexual faculties through natural active ingredients.

We find in particular:

  • Damiana extract (or Turnera aphrodisiaca): this plant with very powerful medicinal virtues grows essentially in Latin America. It is used as a natural treatment against decreased libido and therefore has aphrodisiac properties.
  • The root of Maca (or Lepidium meyenii): this plant that grows in South America (and more particularly in Peru) is quite close to ginseng. Numerous studies have so far proved its effects on sexual desire, but also on the quality and quantity of sperm. It is therefore an excellent natural treatment against infertility.
  • Ginseng (or Panax ginseng): recognized for centuries as a powerful tonic and aphrodisiac, it is excellent for boosting your libido. But also to improve your stamina in bed.
  • Cinnamon (or Cinnamomum verum): very popular in Asian cuisine, this shrub used bark has antifungal properties, but also antiseptic. It is also a powerful aphrodisiac, which allows to regain its sexual vigor. And will help you to have more fulfilling sex.


How does this pill work?

The interest of Serexin is to act on many levels on your body to facilitate your erections. And allow you to perform better in bed and give pleasure to your partner. In order for your sex to erect, and to be maintained for the duration of your intercourse, your body needs to secrete testosterone.

This sex hormone, typically male (even if women also produce it) will be released into your body. Producing several reactions like accelerating your heart rate. But also the dilation of your blood vessels. Result: blood circulates faster throughout your body. Including towards the cavernous body of your penis. These will gradually swell, which will allow your penis to grow and harden. This is called an erection!

Serexin will promote its mechanisms and ensure that they engage properly. In particular by promoting your blood circulation and ensuring that you have a sufficient blood flow to sex to gain in length and volume.

Serexin would therefore not only improve the vigor and duration of your erections. But also:

  1. Gain several inches in height and circumference for your pen*s.
  2. Improve your endurance by boosting your energy levels;
  3. Develop your muscles
  4. Promote the burning of your fat stores.

Efficiency tested

If we are right to be skeptical of promises made by certain sexual stimulants, some do more than promise. They prove their effectiveness by performing rigorous clinical tests on male subjects. This is the case of the Serexin pill. Its manufacturer has indeed proven its performance by inviting 2,000 men with erectile dysfunction to follow a cure. 1,000 of them had received the right treatment. And the 1,000 took a placebo each day.

The results of this study were particularly positive. In fact, 97% of the participants in this test reported a marked improvement in the quality of their erection. 9 out of 10 would even recommend this pill to their loved ones. Such a percentage speaks for itself and contributes to the excellent reputation enjoyed by this product on the French market and in the rest of the world.

What is the dosage to follow:

It is also judged interesting to take a sexual stimulant on the modalities of its posology. In the case of Serexin, they are particularly simple. You just need to take 2 capsules a day for a period of 3 to 6 months. It is thus a basic treatment, which will allow a singular and lasting improvement of your sexual performances. And will gradually stretch the tissues of your penis to make it longer and bigger. The advantage of this dosage is also not to force you to wait for a latency before you can bandage with your partner (as for Viagra or Cialis treatments).

Once you are sexually stimulated, you will immediately see the effects of Serexin on the quality of your erection.

You can take your pills in the morning when you wake up. Or during the day. Avoid doing it too late, if only to avoid forgetting them. But also because some stimulants can prevent you from sleeping.

You can also complete your Serexin treatment by performing penile exercises that will allow you to better control your erections. But also to delay your ejaculation.

Serexin opinion: what did I think?

Is this product really effective? This is the question I asked myself when ordering my first two bottles of Serexin. This is a very recent solution, put on the market since 2017 only. And we are therefore entitled to wonder if this is a truly innovative formula. And another disappointment in this very competitive sector of sexual performance boosters.

Even if the promises made by its manufacturers may seem too good to be true (especially when we see that Serexin would also develop muscles and lose weight), it is in my opinion an effective pill to overcome his troubles. erection.

The dosage is simple enough to follow. And even if you have to be patient to observe a real improvement in your performance in bed, the results are there. I am personally not going to take a treatment for more than 3 months, but its composition is 100% natural, the risk of side effects are almost zero.

Serexin will actually allow you to have stronger erections. And last longer during your sex. As for the quality of sperm, I can not verify it. But studies on the properties of these plant extracts speak for themselves. After 2 months, I had also gained 2 cm penis size. And I think that if I had taken a longer course, the results would have been even more impressive. I recommend this pill, which is for me an excellent alternative to stronger treatments such as Viagra or Cialis.

The opinions of other users

Before ordering a new sexual stimulant, I also always look at the opinions of other users. Those concerning Serexin are also very positive. Here are two that are fairly representative of what you can read on the specialized forums.

 “We had problems in bed with my partner. Especially because I found her sex a little too small. I know that size does not matter, but his penis was really thin, which bothered me during our reports. We talked about it and I advised him to learn about natural methods to enlarge his penis. He heard about Serexin’s started a cure. After a few weeks, it was noticed that there was a real improvement in the length and width of his penis. After 6 months, he had gained more than 4 cm. He has mostly recovered confidence in bed and is much more enterprising. So if you have problems in your marriage, do not consider that this is inevitable and test this pill too! Marie, 35 years old. 

 “I discovered Serexin last year. After a long period of celibacy, I had difficulty finding normal erections. And it made me feel very bad with my new partners. Not wanting to take a treatment as strong as Viagra, I turned to this dietary supplement for its natural composition. Since the beginning of my cure, I really saw an improvement in my performances, but also the pleasure that I feel in bed. I have the impression to have a second youth. Frank, 55 years old. 

Where to buy Serexin?

Unfortunately, Serexin is not yet available in pharmacy. This is also the case for the vast majority of new stimulants put on the market. You can still buy it safely on the site of its manufacturer. This is also the best way to enjoy interesting discounts. And avoid the counterfeits.

Serexin male enhancement

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