SizeGenetics Review – Here’s My 2020 SizeGenetics Results

I am Dickhead; a consumer of Sizegenetics Reviews and today I want to share my SizeGenetics review to my readers. I started using sizegenetics 6 months ago and I have many things to share. Especially I’d like talk about the results of this product, about which many people are curious and want to know the credibility of SizeGenetics.

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Ok, so let’s start the review.

Contents: These are the key points I will share and discuss with you. Surely you will get a lot of idea after reading these in details

  • Reasons to Choose SizeGenetics
  • Size Genetics Outcomes
  • How It Works
  • FAQs
  • Medical Study
  • Pros and Cons
  • How to get Max Benefits
  • Results; Before and After
  • Conclusion: Either Buy It or Not


So many times I have been called a shy person and I remained at distance from girls and women. I found it embarrassing to call some girl for a night stay. You may think this used to happen because of my shy nature, but actually the reason was not my shyness. I always wanted to be a cheerful and a merrymaking guy with many female friends who would love me. I avoided seeing women on bed because I feared of their thoughts about me and my size of 4 inches. The thought of this embarrassment made me recoil back and avoid getting involved with the opposite gender whom I felt so attracted.

At an age of 22 years it was giving me nightmares. These thoughts haunted so much that I had zero social life and I became a lone wolf. No life no, real entertainment, no pleasure. In simple words, I didn’t know what life meant. Some people say that size does not matter at all. But my friends beware; IT REALLY DOES! Seriously mark my words. It’ll matter a lot!

So I told you that with 22 years of age, I had ceased my social activities and outings completely. Instead of getting in awkward situation, why not nip it from the bud? With zero outings definitely I had a lot of time for my profession; study and then practical life. No doubt I cashed it a little as a successful designer out in the market, but I knew my life was ruined and I was in a miserable state. Of course working mostly till 9 o’clock in the evening, swallowing some food and champagne, and getting to bed at 11 o’clock is not life. It can be a robot but not a human. I was getting overwhelmed with loneliness, isolation and sadness.

jordon sizegetics result

Check my Before and After Result here!

Imagine a man in his twenties who is full of youth and energies. What if he is on his own and working even on weekends instead of enjoying a colorful, exciting and pleasant weekend with his beautiful girlfriend or a pretty woman? Just because of the size of his penis? And he felt really ashamed to spend some lovely time with a woman? Oh that’s really painful. The best and most exciting part of my life was being wasted forever! This hurts a lot!

At last I thought to rescue myself from this disastrous so called “life”. I started Googling about the solution to a small penis. Google referred me to many websites. One I visited suggested a surgery. Hell No! Don’t you dare to even point a scalpel to my penis? The very thought of surgery felt like hell of pain! I also read about many sufferers of surgery complaining and awaking about the effects of surgery. These were like destroying their lives by making their penises distorted and weird looking. Let’s not forget that this weird looks cost around 10 grand.

So the decision about surgery was a clear No!

I kept searching and one day I visited a site with an article about an experiment called “Tractive Elongation of the Penis by Means of Stretching”. This was conducted in 1998. The experiment involved 18 guys. Their ages were between 23 and 47. The researchers made these volunteers wear a device. This device stretched out the penis for pretty long time periods. The experiment lasted for 24 weeks. In this time period, the volunteers routinely wore the device for 12 hours a day. After the given time period, each one experienced a size increase. The average increase in size was 0.75 inch flaccid increase and 1.1 inches erection length. I Bought sizegenetics from the official website

The results proved that the stretching of the penis over long time periods results in permanent increase in length. It sounds great but how? Actually this process works similarly like bodybuilding. The stretching causes the muscles to create small tears initially. Later they are healed and body remains tuned for a long time. Similarly stretching of penis also causes the tissues to create micro tears. Natural healing process starts and these tears are adjusted by multiplying of living cells. In medical terms this multiplication of cells is known as cell division and it occurs in almost every tissue, every organ of the human body.

This was the data about the experiment and the author of the article recommended Sizegenetics. This is the product or stretching device and it is a modified and a much better version of the original device used in the experiment. The more you know, the more it’s better. So I spent some time searching for this method. I read many other articles and reviews from people all over the world. Most of them had experienced good results and were satisfied with the product. After a lot of search I decided to go for it. No pain, no gain. Isn’t it?

I ordered the product and it arrived in a few days. I unpacked the package and viewed the different components. You may be thinking that it’s so shameful to receive such a thing from the delivery guy or worse of you receive it in front of someone else. It can be sometimes when you have a bad day! But I was lucky that it was in a discreet packing and no one could guess what exactly was packed inside the package. The package excellently hid the contents of the product and saved some shameful moments.

Before the arrival of the stretching device I came across an easy and adoptable routine on the internet. This suggests you the way to use the device efficiently and deduce the results at the max for lesser efforts. I will be sharing with you later this great way to optimize the results.

Well, I started off with the device and at first it looked a little tricky. But I managed to get it and went through easily in no time. The appearance was no issue. Even if you were wearing tight trousers, still no one could tell if you were wearing some device under your pants. The device is well designed and sturdy and I am sure it will last long.

sizegenetics extender

The very first day I promised myself that I will ensure to use it as recommended. No laziness or excuses; and I used it regularly for 6 months. I was enthusiastic about the results during this time period. I knew that Size Genetics was delivered to me with 6 months of guarantee. If I do not see the results, I can get a full refund from the manufacturers. They’ll not even take back the device.

So, putting my faith in this device I ensured regular use over the recommended time periods. I had a little concern about the results. What if I don’t get the results? Yeah I will get the refund but months of hard work will be wasted and I will still be standing on the edge of real life. The more desire was that this should really work. I couldn’t wait another 6 months of frustration trying another method.

Initially the goal was to gain at least more than an inch. Let’s see how much I gained in 6 months using SizeGenetics. Just do not forget that the initial length was about 4 inches.

After 4 weeks:

Measuring the length daily or weekly was obviously a stupidity. I decided to see the increase at least after a month. After one month I couldn’t see an appreciable increase in length. I persuaded myself that it was just the start.

After 12 weeks:

It happens so many times that you start a course or a program and do not see results after a few days. A lot of people get disappointed and quit. I wasn’t one of those quitters. Many people may have concluded the same about this device. They should really stick to the device before any conclusions. After 12 weeks I noticed that I had increased my length from 4 inches to 4.9 inches. This was comforting. At last this thing had started delivering. I was quite excited now and my inner self was pumping me to continue this.

This was nearly an inch increase. Wow! You may remember that one inch increase was achieved back in 1998 when the experiment was conducted. And the time period was 6 months. But I almost got this much increase in half the time. In my opinion this efficiency was achieved because of the updated version which was improved over the years. They seem to have improved the efficiency at least 50% which is a big accomplishment. You may guess what I felt with the results in three months. Yeah I was hell excited and dream again of the cheerful life waiting for me ahead. My confidence was being boosted again and now I could feel the real sense of manhood ready to lure himself in the glamorous and beautiful side of life.

After 24 weeks:

Boosted and enchanted with the new meaning of confidence in myself, 6 months of time didn’t feel at all. It flew like a flash and at the end I was standing completely changed and amazed by the imagination of myself standing again as a man with no complexes or fears. From the four inches starting journey, this ride increased my length to 5.9 inches! That is a huge difference.  My passion made the 24 months time period a blessed one. Not only had it gift me with the opportunity to accomplish my youthful desires but also rewarded confidence and sense of manhood. Trust me; this takes you to the moons you never experienced, when you’ve been so small for the entire life.

Summarizing my results, I started with 4 inches and ended up with 5.9 inches in just 6 months. For me it feels like my perspective of life has been revolutionized.

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  • I have no issue in erections. They have become much harder at the times.
  • The thickness of my penis has also increased noticeably.
  • I enjoy the company of many women and never get complains about size.
  • The control over Cumming is now much better.
  • My confidence is now what I dream of once.

I am very satisfied and impressed by SizeGenetics Results. It has produced much better results than I expected. If you are looking for a way to increase you length, I would surely recommend this device to you. Instead of using some supplements bearing loads of side effects this is the safest way to increase the size and girth of you penis. You can get it from their site here:

You now know that there is no need to give up very soon. Be patient and wait for the right time. If you stick to the device and wait, this effort will be worth it. Personally I have decided to try this device for another 6 months. This will be worthy trying and I think I can achieve up to 7 inches easily. This is my perspective and I hope it really works. If I achieve this much I will be the happiest man on Earth. I plan to update you people in future. After 6 months I will be sharing the rest of my story with you. I am sure you will be surprised to know that I attained what I desired for. Let’s hope for the best.

My recommendation about the SizeGenetics:

I think now it’s quite obvious now whether you should buy this device or not. I highly recommend this device to all my readers who are concerned about their length. Put your faith in this device, stick to the routine and wait for 6 months. I can bet that you will see the results yourself.

Now I get into the details of the device itself.

What Is SizeGenetics Extender?  How Do You Use It?

It may look somewhat strange to those who have not seen such thing before, but no need to worry. It’s a simple product and easy to use. Take out the extender and put your penis in the hole. Now you put loop around the head and then let the device stretch out. The stretching causes the tissues to stretch and grow. New cells take the stretched positions with time and the size increases with the time. My initial experience to use it was good one. Though initially I had to struggle a bit, but then I got used to it. And I felt no issues in using it. A few days set my hands on it so that I would wear it in 20 seconds only.

If you want to know further how Size Genetics works, you can go to their site. Here’s the link:

The SizeGenetics FAQs:

What else I need to buy along with Size Genetics kit? 

Ans: Well, you don’t really need anything else. I only used the Size Genetics extender for my use.

Is there any danger like injury?

 Ans: No. It is very safe to use. I used it for 6 months and didn’t get any injury or safety issue at all.

I think I may end up with thinner penis. Is this so? 

Ans: I have mentioned that it increases both length and girth. I myself experienced both increases. So, no need to worry. You will get both ends pretty comfortable.

Will SizeGenetics work for me?

Ans: so many people have benefited from this product and I see no reason why you won’t get the results as long as you stick to its regular use and wait. A plus for you, it comes with a 6 month money back guarantee.

Which package was bought by you? 

Ans: The package I bought was the Size Genetics comfort package. This package contains more elongation bars and better comfort strap; this is what you actually want. Reasons I didn’t buy Ultimate package and Value package were that firstly, I did not feel like I wanted extra gadgets like DVDs and wipes and secondly the Value package was way too basic. So my recommendation is the “comfort package”. Good Results with moderate cost.

Is the product discreet one? 

Ans: Yes. The packaging is a discreet one so no needs to worry. Even the product is easy to wear and you will not suffer to be alone when you are wearing it all the time. It has a little thickness and in wearing position, it points downwards. You can confirm by wearing any type of trousers and seeing yourself in the mirror. You will notice it does not bulge out at all.

How long will it take To Notice Results?

Ans: I already mentioned that it takes some time to notice the results. The starting weeks will just initiate the elongation process. You should wait at least for a month to see the results.

What results should be expected?

Ans: the company claims that after 6 months one can gain about 25% length and 20% girth increase. You can calculate how much you can benefit from it in six months. This also depends upon the commitment and the extent of use. You should follow the schedule tightly for six months to achieve best results.

My length is just 2 inches, can I use it? 

Ans: the starting size does not matter. Even with this small length you can achieve results and get a better length. The product comes with adjustable rods. So you can adjust whether your size is bigger or smaller.

If you have got any confusion or questions, leave them in your comments. I will be happy to guide you by answering them.

Research Proves SizeGenetics:

In 2011 a study a research and study was conducted by BJU (British Journal of Urology). It was done in University of Turin by two doctors. The research was about the non-invasive elongation techniques for penis enlargement. This research concluded that the extenders can produce an effective and durable lengthening of the penis in both flaccid and erection state. The report studied the effects in details. If you want to learn more, you can go to:

Pros and Cons.

 I would like to start with the cons:

  • Seems expensive: The product is quite expensive. It’ll cost you as much as Xbox One. This may hurt in the start, especially when you spend so much bucks on something you are not sure if it’ll work. I also felt the same but I think I spent my money on the right gadget. Seeing the results I am very satisfied.
  • Takes quite patience and time to notice results: I had to wait for at least a month to see results myself. Even one month time may not be sufficient for some people so they need to be patient and stick to this method.
  • It demands commitment: Size Genetics demands a lot of seriousness and commitment. You need to repeat the tough and prolonged stretching 12 hours a day for 6 months. If you can give this much, you will definitely gain from the pain.

Now move to the Pros:

  • Well designed: It’s quite durable and well designed. It will last long and bending, dropping many times didn’t affect it significantly.
  • Easy to use: You will be able to use it easily and wear it within seconds after a few days. So it is also easy to adapt.
  • Comfortable to wear: It does not irritate like other external gadgets. It’s better and comfortable to wear than many others
  • Discreet: There is no issue to go in public while wearing it. It isn’t noticeable in any pants or trousers.
  • It’s helpful for Peyronie’s disease: You can read more here:
  • It increases both length and girth: Anyone can increase both length and girth of penis by approximately 25%.
  • Harder erections: I must mention that it also helps in harder erections
  • Money back guarantee: Size Genetics comes with 6 month guarantee. You can be refunded your money back if you are not satisfied with your results.
  • It works! Many people are confused whether it’ll work or not. I assure you it will work. As in my case I gained a lot and started a new phase of life.

I think these are enough for someone to buy and try this great device.

Now, it’s time to share the routine which will help you to get the best results with lesser efforts and pain.

Sizegenetics Unboxing:

Recommended routine for SizeGenetics extender:

Contents: Here’s the routine you can follow:

Day 1: It’s the start so wear it in 3 sessions of 60 minutes each. You can get hours of breaks between them
Day 2: If you are feeling good, (no stretching effects) you can repeat Day 1 routine. If you want to rest, you should take the day off.
Day 3: building your stamina, wear it in 4 sessions of 30 minutes each.
Day 4: repeat the Day 3 routine.
Day 5: wear in 4 sessions of 45 minutes each.
Day 6: Repeat day 5 routine
Day 7: Day off.
Day 8: try to wear in 4 sessions 50 minutes each.
Day 9: Use the Size Genetics device in 4 sessions of 1 hour each.
Day 10: Repeat the day 9 routine.
Day 11: Wear the device for 3 sessions of 1 hour and 20 minutes each.
Day 12: Wear the device in 3 session’s of1 hour and 50 minutes each.
Day 13: repeat day 12 routine
Day 14: Day off
Day 15: Wear the device in 3 sessions of 2 hours each.
Day 16: Wear the device in 3 sessions of 2 hours and 20 minutes each.
Day 17: Wear it in 3 sessions lasting 2 hours and 40 minutes each.
Day 18: Wear it in 2 sessions lasting 4 hours. Add one more session of one hour today.
Day 19: Use the device in 2 sessions of 4 hours each. Add 1 session of2 hours today.
Day 20: Day off.
Day 21: Another Day off. You can rest.
Day 22: Wear the device in 2 sessions of 5 hours each. Add 1 session of an hour.
Day 23: Wear the extender in 2 sessions of 5 hours each. Add one session of an hour.
Day 24: Wear the device for 12 hours in 2 sessions lasting 6 hours each!
Day 25: Wear the extender in 2 sessions. The first Session should last 8 hours and the other session about 4 hours.
Day 26: Wear the device in 2 sessions. The first Session should last about 9 hours and the other session about 3 hours.
Day 27: 2 sessions conducted. The first session should last 10 and a half hours and the other session should last about 1 hour and 30 minutes.
Day 28: Rest! Take the day off.

Bravo! You have made this far. Now it is as simple as 1, 2, 3. Wear the device daily for 12 hours. Follow your routine tightly for 6 months. Check out the results. I am sure you will be surprised to see the amazing results this extender produces by mechanical traction.

Should You Buy SizeGenetics If you want to increase your length?

Some readers may shape their opinion as being biased but I have a reason if I am getting biased. This worked miraculously for me so I will give it full credits. Many others will benefit from my experience and will share their own stories soon. My words are occupying too much space now and I need to wrap up, so I would write some final words for my readers and summarize my article in a few lines.

SizeGenetics extender is a great device which helped me to get rid of my miserable life which was once without the charms and satisfaction of being myself. It will surely work for you too. You only need to be consistent, patient and passionate. If you are impatient or a lazy guy with lazy attitude for this purpose better not waste your money because it’s not your piece of cake and it can’t be swallowed so easily. I am sure those who follow my recommended routine for 6 months will gain at least 1-2 inches increase in length. Once you attain this increase, you can go for more if you want to.

Well, Thanks for your patience and reading this article. I hope others also benefit from my experience. If you try it, do share your experience with us and others. I’d love to hear from your side and You Can buy the Size genetics extender here.

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