Super Beta Prostate Reviews

Super Beta Prostate Reviews

Male prostates are like little glands to be seen. These small glands are of great importance to the humans and their growth. If these are effected and do not work orderly they can cause many problems like fragile the urine system, to urinate at the night time more than once. If this damage is done to the urine system it can verily cause various problems. To tackle all these problems Super Beta Prostate can cover all these very well.

Basically it is a non-prescribed product and composed of ten (10) major components that makes it. After using it users have very fewer problems regarding bathroom trips and they also sleep well.


All the ingredients of super prostate comprises of mainly minerals that improves the prostate condition and health. Following are the names and quantity of the ingredients of super beta.

  • Vitamin D which is Cholecalciferol and is used 400 amount per serving.
  • Zinc (Zinc Oxide), it is 15 milli gram.
  • Selenium (Amino Acid Chelate). It is used in 70 milli gram with 100% daily value.
  • Copper oxide, which used in it 2 mg.
  • Chromium, used 120mcg.
  • Molybdenum, which is amino acid chelate and used 75 milli gram.

Many of the above minerals are easy in digesting and it usually work as a regular diet plan for many users. Some people may have problems in while not storing minerals like zinc. Beta sitosterol is a kind of plant sterol which is used to lower the cholesterol level in the human body. Cholesterol is the main problems for all the related diseases. Beta sit sterol is very effective in controlling the urine problems. Vitamin D is vital in improving the condition of the prostate. It enhances the human immune system which is very helpful to prevent the prostate unhealthy conditions and disorders.

Some of the ingredients are not so active in the super beta prostate like stearic acid, magnesium and calcium etc. their main function is to act as a binder which bonds the minerals with each other in order to get quick and effective results. They have no side effects and work smoothly.


The company has not mentioned the side effects of beta prostate. But many of the users who have personally used it have reported certain side effects. Gastrointestinal effects are major effects as they have been reported on large scale. They can cause digestive system problem, heartburn, nausea and the constipation problems.

The major ingredient known as the beta sitosterol badly effects sexual health of men with severe effects on the testosterones. It can cause to lower the sex effort and erecting problems. The frequent use of this supplement can also effect the vitamin absorption like vitamin A, B and vitamin E in the body, which is the main and driving agent for all the body functions.

‘’Besides this it also causes the allergic problems like rashes, pimples, and itching, mouth and throat swellings. Even if the effect is severe, one may need medical treatments’’.

‘’Many of the users said that in order to get relief from the aging effects they instead developed constipations and heart beat problems’’.


Super beta is not overall a good supplement for taking care of prostate health care as we have discussed its various shortcomings. Though it is not expensive and can be accessed from the medical stores but it badly effects some vitamin functions which are vital for human health. Similarly it cases sex disorders and penis may lose its erecting with its continuous use. Therefore it is highly recommended that one should use its alternatives which have less severe effects.

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