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If you have erection problems, you may be tempted to turn to sexual stimulants. In addition to prescription-only solutions (such as Viagra or Cialis), more and more food supplements are being sold freely on the Internet. However, even if the color of this capsule is reminiscent of the famous little White pill, one is entitled to wonder what are the results that can be obtained with an alternative like the T7 Power Max .

t7 power max review

Composed primarily of taurine (found in energy drinks), T7 Power Max  promises you to improve your sexual performance (and therefore your life, just that). And regain confidence in yourself. What are its other ingredients, the dosage to follow and the effects of this dietary supplement? This is what we will see in this full notice, which will allow you to make your own opinion.

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Presentation of T7 Power Max 

T7 Power Max  is not a medical treatment against impotence muscluine, but rather a dietary supplement to boost the libido. It is a USA laboratory that has developed this solution, certified ISO 22000. Its composition and its manufacturing methods therefore meet the international norm and comply with the regulatory conditions in the field, which shows that it is safe.

So how does this blue pill work? Its regular intake would not only increase the size of your penis, but also cure erectile dysfunction. Indeed, its components can improve blood circulation to the cavernous body of your sex (by widening the vessels). Which would allow him to be more easily erected. And to bend harder and longer.

The promise made by T7 Power Max  manufacturers is to allow you, from the first two weeks, to develop your penis. And even keep the new size of your male once treatment is complete. Unlike other solutions that are only temporary. But also to have more robust erections and thus to effectively improve your sexual performance. All with very low risk of side effects.

t7 power max guide

The composition of T7 Power Max 

Let’s take a closer look at its composition. Indeed, the results promised by T7 Power Max  are possible because of the ingredients selected by the laboratory. It contains mainly amino acids and vitamins. Whose effect on the blood circulation (necessary to have an erection) has been recognized.

Concretely, here is the composition, ingredient by ingredient, of T7 Power Max :

  • Vitamin C: 24 mg;
  • Vitamin PP: 4.8 mg;
  • Vitamins Be and B6: 0.42 mg;
  • Vitamin B1: 0.34 mg;
  • Magnesium: 120 mg
  • Taurine: 200 mg;
  • L-arginine: 200 mg;
  • Fenugreek extract: 200 mg;
  • Maca extract: 200 mg;
  • Guarana extract: 200 mg;
  • Ginger 200 mg.

In addition, taking T7 Power Max  can cover 30% of your daily intake of these nutrients. However, with regard to natural sexual stimulants, we must especially look for l-arginine, fenugreek. But also ginger, maca and guarana, which are known to promote libido and boost sexual performance.

But it is especially the Taurine on which the manufacturer of T7 Power Max  communicates. It is an amino acid derivative, synthesized by our body, but in a very small amount. A taurine supplement can improve erectile function. And strengthen the penis muscles.

Dosage and side effects T7 Power Max 

The dosage of T7 Power Max  is quite simple. However, it is very different from what you can know with prescription stimulants like Levitra. Indeed, instead of taking a pill a few minutes before your reports, you will this time have to follow a cure, at a rate of 2 capsules per day. You can do it at any time of the day. But it is recommended to avoid taking T7 Power Max  after 16 hours. To avoid insomnia (which can be caused by stimulants like guarana).

The first results are observed after only 15 days, but it is recommended to take this supplement over two to three months for better effects. You can buy T7 Power Max  as a bottle containing 60 capsules. And that will keep you going for a month.

Be careful to follow the indicated dosage and not to be tempted by a higher dosage. This will not improve the results, and will only increase the risk of side effects. Purchasing this add-on gives you access to a personalized tracking program that will show you other natural techniques to boost your performance. Including examples of penis massages. And practical advice to better satisfy your partner.

Contraindications and side effects

If the manufacturer ensures that T7 Power Max  is perfectly safe (because of its 100% natural composition), it is best to take certain precautions. Especially with one of its ingredients: taurine. Indeed, this supplement will be strongly discouraged for people with a history of cardiovascular disease. Like heart palpitations, convulsion, or hypertension. But also for pregnant or lactating women, and minors under 18 years.

We have also seen that this stimulant (found in energy drinks) can cause insomnia. Always take your stimulant before 4 pm

T7 Power Max  opinion: effects and results

Sexual stimulants that promise to enlarge the size and girth of your penis or boost your erections is not lacking in the market. The most famous for penis enlargement is Member XXL.

T7 Power Max  is a new kid we have not heard much about yet. And the site of the manufacturer, on which you can buy this supplement, does not necessarily put at ease. Indeed, there are many grandiloquent statements (such as “T7 Power Max  succeeded where all others have failed), or relatively vague. Which is never a good sign, especially for a product that you have to take twice a day for several months.

The only real certainty we have is that its composition is actually limited to natural ingredients. But in my opinion, T7 Power Max  has serious flaws and deficiencies in what we are entitled to a sexual stimulant. Indeed, one finds there certainly natural ingredients, but especially a mixture of vitamin which makes rather a solution to be taken in case of deficiency than a true male sexual booster. This is clearly not the most effective solution we have tested.

Where and at what price to buy T7 Power Max ?

The best way to get T7 Power Max , and avoid fakes, is to go directly to the official site of this sexual stimulant. You will also benefit from interesting prices.

Here are the different offers that can be found on the site:

  • The discovery pack: two bottles of 120 capsules in all (for two months of treatment) at a total price of 79 euros;
  • The Essential Pack in which we find 4 bottles (for 4 months of cure) at a price of 119 euros;
  • The last pack is the Renaissance Pack in which you will find 6 bottles (for 6 months of cure) at the price of 149 euros.

Since it is advisable to follow a cure for at least 2 months, it is better to go through these packs than to buy an individual bottle. You can place your order on a secure payment platform, and your package will be delivered directly to you, in a neutral container that will not give any information on what it contains.

An essential element to ensure the discretion to its customers, who certainly do not want everyone to know that they have erection problems.

You will also benefit from an attractive money back guarantee. If you do not see any convincing results after two weeks, you will be able to demand full reimbursement.

Verdict: should you buy T7 Power Max 

My verdict on T7 Power Max  sexual stimulant is certainly the least impressive and effective I’ve ever used. Given the promises made by the manufacturer (those to improve your sexual performance and enlarge the size of your penis by a few inches), we were entitled to expect much more convincing results and a more fulfilling sexuality. And I even wonder if the statement “clinically tested” is real.

Concretely, this vitamin mix helps to avoid nutritional deficiencies, but certainly not to boost your sexual performance. For the price displayed, and the lack of real information on the site of the manufacturer, I strongly advise you to turn this expensive solution.

t7 power max review

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