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Trenbolone (which you can also find as Parabolan, or Tren in sports) is a steroid developed by the USA laboratory. We present its effects on the mass gain in this article. But also the harmful impact it can have for your health. And its legal substitute, Trenorol, marketed by Crazy Bulk.


How does Trenbolone work?

Trenbolone is a very powerful anabolic steroid. According to fitness enthusiasts, it is indeed one of the most effective to gain muscle mass and become more enduring. It has anabolic and androgenic power five times greater than testosterone. Like Clenbuterol, Tren was originally developed to treat animals.

But a substitute for human use was quickly developed. There are also 3 different esters:

  • The acetate version which has a half-life of a day.
  • Enanthate which has a half-life of 2 weeks.
  • parabolan, very similar to enanthate which has an almost equal half-life.

The Tren allows an impressive mass gain and promotes the loss of fat. It is ideal during dry periods. It also shares with other steroids the anabolic effects, pushing however much further.

The effects obtained thanks to Tren

Trenbolone is very popular in the bodybuilding industry because it allows to pursue several objectives. And especially :

  • Better extract nutrients from the diet to boost the body.
  • Increase the number of red blood cells and thus better oxygenate the muscle tissue.
  • Significantly increase the insulin 1 type: this helps strengthen bones, cartilage and muscle tissue.
  • Inhibit the synthesis of the hormone linked to stress and muscle catabolism: cortisone.
  • Boost your energy levels and make the athletes stronger and more enduring as part of your training.
  • Reduce fatigue and pain after strenuous exercise and therefore improve recovery and muscle retention.

What are the side effects of Tren?

However, Trenbuterol does not present only advantages in the context of a sporting practice. Indeed, taking this anabolic steroid presents many risks to your health.


Tren is indeed known for its estrogenic effects. Ingested by the body, it is likely to develop a breast in men. To avoid them, however, it is possible to take anti-estrogen supplements.

Androgenic effects

This is an almost systematic risk for athletes taking anabolic steroids. They are however more common in people with predispositions. In any case, you risk suffering an abnormal fall of your hair. You may also experience pronounced skin problems.

The negative impact on digestion and heart health

Trenbolone is poorly flavored. This reduces the risk of gastric distress. However, it is common to be bloated during a Tren cycle. Also beware of the cardiovascular risks of this steroid. Indeed, you can suffer from blood pressure (even if it is not systematic) and the risk of heart attack. To avoid them, it is recommended to consume fatty acids (which can be found in fish such as salmon or herring). But also in natural oils.

Inhibition of testosterone

Like the majority of testosterone-based steroids, tren may inhibit the natural production of testosterone in males. This can lead to very serious risks for your sexual health (decreased libido, erectile dysfunction and fertility problems). Also beware of aggressive behavior and the risk of depression.

The stimulating effect of Trenbolone can also be accompanied by sleep and migraine disorders. These side effects can however be reduced by taking a lower dosage of this anabolic steroid.

Trenorol: the legal and safe alternative for health

But these are not the only drawbacks of Trenbolone. Indeed, like all anabolic steroids (including Dianabol), Tren is legal in USA. And you will not be able to get it from your pharmacist. Nor do you have it prescribed by a doctor. This also increases the risk of buying counterfeit, and to follow an inappropriate dosage.

To avoid this, however, you can turn to the legal substitute Trenbolone: ‚Äč‚ÄčTrenorol. Developed and marketed on its website by the specialist sports complements Crazy Bulk, it imitates the effects of Tren, without presenting any danger to your health.

Trenorol comes in the form of capsules (and therefore does not require injection). It allows, like the tren, to develop your muscle tissue and better retain nitrogen. This boosts your protein synthesis. And also allows you to burn your fat more effectively to define your lean musculature.

Trenorol also helps you to better oxygenate your cells. Including those of your muscles. This allows you to gain in physical strength, endurance. And therefore increase the scope of your training and facilitate your recovery.

What is the dosage to follow?

The dosage of Trenorol is quite simple to follow. You will find 30 capsules in each bottle, which will hold you for 10 days since it takes 3 per day. The catch is ideally 40 minutes before your training, with a large glass of water.

You should see the first results in the first month. But specialists advise taking Trenorol on a longer cycle (2 months). They will, however, depend largely on your profile and goals. To boost its effects, adopt a healthy diet (do not rely only on the effects burn fat of Trenorol). And keep a sustained and intense physical activity.

Purchase of Trenorol

You can buy Trenorol in a pharmacy. It is however more interesting to turn to the official Crazy Bulk website. You can benefit from very interesting promotions. For example, for two bottles purchased, a third will be offered. Shipping costs are also offered. And you will receive your supplement in 24 to 48 hours depending on the time you placed your order.

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