Viaxyl Review – Testosterone Supplement | Is it Scam?

Looking to boost your sexual performance? Have difficulty getting strong, long-lasting erections? Viaxyl promises men to regain self-confidence and to bend more easily thanks to its unique composition.

Before you buy it, read this full review in which you will learn more about its ingredients, the effects you can get, the dosage, and the pros and cons of this solution.


Viaxyl Overview

Viaxyl is not to be included in the category of medical treatments against male impotence such as Cialis or Levitra. Indeed, it is actually a natural dietary supplement supposed to boost your libido and increase the size of your penis. Made in USA and CANADA, by Viril Booster, which markets it on its website, this stimulant has the goal of improving your sexual performance, especially by making your erections more vigorous. All without the need for a prescription from your doctor, and minimizing side effects as much as possible.

Specifically, this ISO 22000 certified stimulant works to improve blood circulation to the cavernous body of your penis, which will allow you to bend harder. It also targets the various physiological causes that can cause an erection problem, including the functioning of your cardiovascular tissues (by dilating them in a natural way) and the absorption of blood in the penile cavities.

Personalized coaching

Recently, Viril Booster also offers men who have bought Viaxyl boost the results of this dietary supplement by giving them a personalized coaching. This exclusive program is available by creating an account on the manufacturer’s website. You will then receive very discreet notifications to perform exercises and penis massages that will help you avoid impotence. And to be more successful in bed.

What is the composition of Viaxyl?

To be effective, a sexual stimulant must contain certain ingredients. Indeed, serious studies have already highlighted the aphrodisiac and stimulating properties of certain active ingredients.

Here are the ones you will find in the composition of Viaxyl:

  • Muira Puaam: this plant that grows in South America is known for its effects on male libido. It allows to have stronger erections, but also to prevent premature ejaculation. All by stimulating your body’s production of the most powerful sex hormone: testosterone.
  • Tribulus Terrestris: This African plant, used for hundreds of years in traditional medicine, can effectively fight against erectile dysfunction. But also to stimulate sexual desire.
  • Arginine: this amino acid essential for the proper functioning of your body will allow you to have a better erection by improving your blood circulation.
  • Ginseng: a well-known aphrodisiac that is also useful for preventing erectile dysfunction.
  • Ginger and cinnamon: two other natural ingredients to boost libido, and to have a more lasting erection.
  • Zinc: This amino acid is necessary for your body to produce testosterone, and therefore to have better sexual performance. It is therefore frequently found in the composition of sexual stimulants.
  • Vitamins B1, B2, B3, B6 and C: crucial to have better sexual vitality and more energy in bed.

Each ingredient has a very specific role and together, Viaxyl can act on the different levels that allow to have a more fulfilling sexuality. In particular by regenerating the cells of your sex and strengthening them so that you have better erections. In general, this dietary supplement allows to be in better health: and in particular to fight effectively against fatigue and stress. Two elements that can crush your sexual intercourse, and prevent you from bandaging properly.

Dosage and side effects

The dosage of Viaxyl is simple: you will need to take it twice a day for 2 to 3 months to develop your penis and find better erections. Each capsule should be swallowed with a large glass of water. Also avoid taking after 16 hours, the stimulant components of this product may cause insomnia.

Be careful though, because this add-in is not for everyone. Indeed, it is not recommended for diabetes, minors, but also men with hypertension.

The best thing to do to take no chances, and avoid drug interactions (even if they are rare) is to consult a doctor. This product is available without a prescription, but the advice of a professional who knows your background is highly recommended.

If you follow the dosage, you should not have any side effects. And if you notice a problem after taking this supplement, turn immediately to your doctor.

Viaxyl Reviews: Is this product effective?

Of all the sexual stimulants I’ve tested, Viaxyl is one of the most effective.

It allows:

  • Treat erectile dysfunction;
  • Banding faster, and longer;
  • Develop the size and thickness of the penis;
  • Avoid premature ejaculation by delaying it to the maximum;
  • Improve your sexual performance by boosting the libido.

Specifically to many of its competitors, the ingredients component Viaxyl have been the subject of many studies. Which have all highlighted their effectiveness in treating erectile dysfunction. And stimulate sexuality.

After a course of 15 days, the first results are there. And even if they differ from one man to another, Viaxyl allows after a few weeks to improve sexual performance. And to regain self-confidence. These effects are permanent. Which means they will last even after the cure stops.

With Viaxyl, it is easier to control your erection, but also the moment when you ejaculate. Sex is therefore more satisfying for both partners. With a better libido, and stronger sensations in the penis (thanks to its effect on the erectile muscles), this supplement really optimizes the sexual performances. And effectively prevents male impotence.

Where and at what price to buy Viaxyl?

The best solution to buy Viaxyl is to turn to the site of its manufacturer. Viril Booster is indeed the only distributor of this food supplement. And any other platform cannot be considered serious and legitimate. And exposes you to the purchase of a counterfeit, which can be dangerous for your health. You will not be able to find it in pharmacies either.

You will find on the website of Viril Booster this sexual stimulant at the price of 33 euros for a bottle of 60 capsules (which will take you a month). You will not need any prescription from your doctor, and the payment platform is perfectly secure (to avoid fraud on the credit card). With free shipping and a “money back” program, Viaxyl offers a much better value for money than other pills like Vitaperf, for example).

Verdict: Should you buy Viaxyl?

Viaxyl is therefore an effective treatment against male impotence. Thanks to its 100% natural composition, it presents no risk of harmful side effects. And very few indications (even if the opinion of a doctor is always a plus). By acting on several levels (erection quality, delayed ejaculation, penis enlargement and greater vitality and sexual energy), this dietary supplement is an interesting alternative to prescription products such as Viagra or Levitra.

Be careful though, as it works differently, and will not be effective effective directly after the first shot but after a few weeks.

 After testing it, we liked: 

  • Its effectiveness and its lasting results (even after stopping the cure),
  • The simplicity of its dosage and the absence of side effects;
  • Very few contra-indications: this treatment can therefore be taken by almost all men;
  • Its excellent quality / price ratio.

On the other hand, it is quite difficult to find, and you will have no choice but to turn to the official website of its distributor.


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