Vigarin Reveiw – Male Enhancement Pills | Is it a Scam or Legit?

If you are looking for a USA, Germany and Australia -made dietary supplement designed to grow your Size, then Vigarin should please you.

Men with difficulty in bandaging can find comfort in a testosterone booster. This type of sexual stimulant very particular will allow you to produce more of this virile hormone. And therefore to significantly improve your sexual performance. In fact, all men can benefit because once we reach adulthood, we produce less testosterone. This can cause problems of libido or erection.

In this article, I present you one of these boosters. Vigarin is one of the most popular solutions on the net. And I had heard a lot of good things about the results he was getting. So I decided to test it to deliver my opinion Vigarin.


Vigarin used for?

A fulfilling sex life is essential, whatever your age or preferences. Vigarin is for all men, whether they need a boost after a long period of celibacy, or they simply want to boost their testosterone level (especially for older men).

This effective product can therefore interest you whatever your situation, and is not reserved for seniors or helpless men. It allows to find sexual performances more intense and enjoyable thanks to natural ingredients with very little risk of side effects.

But now what is the principle of action of Vigarin.

How does Vigarin work?

Vigarin comes in the form of a pill to take orally. It is therefore a dietary supplement designed to improve your sexual health both punctually and permanently.

Vigarin: an effective treatment against erectile dysfunction.

It has four main effects:

  • Increase your levels of sexual energy: the active ingredients of Vigarin help boost your metabolism, which will allow you to be more energetic and to feel more sexual desire;
  • Strengthen the erection: Vigarin also acts on the action of your cells and facilitates the blood flow to the cavernous body of the penis. This helps strengthen and prolong your erections. It is therefore an effective solution for men suffering from male impotence. And a good way to have more satisfactory reports for both partners.
  • Intensify orgasms: by making your erections more vigorous and acting at the cellular level, Vigarin greatly improves your feelings. It allows both partners to have more powerful orgasms;
  • Enlarge the penis: by promoting the influx of blood towards your sex, Vigarin will also force the tissues to develop in order to contain more of them. Result: it helps to increase penis size when taken in the long term.

Effects supported by scientific research

If many products marketed on the net claim to achieve the same results, few can prove it scientifically. Fortunately, this is the case of Vigarin, whose effects have been supported by medical tests. A study conducted on more than 4,000 men has proven that this product allows for stronger erections and longer lasting. Many also expressed having better orgasms. Its composition has also been approved by science and makes it an effective treatment against erectile dysfunction.

What ingredients are found in its composition?

One point that I find important to note in this review Vigarin is that the official website of the manufacturer details very precisely the ingredients found in the composition of this testosterone booster.

The formula contains in particular:

  • The Horny Goat Weed: this plant with evocative name is recognized to help treat erectile dysfunction. It will indeed promote blood circulation to the male sex and cause stronger and longer lasting erections. In order not to spoil anything, it would also have aphrodisiac properties. A recent study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine has shown that it would increase testosterone levels by over 300%.
  • Tongkat Ali: this active ingredient stimulates the production of testosterone by your body. It essentially blocks the activity of a globulin, SHBG, which makes this hormone more free and prevents it from being used by the body. Tongkat Ali’s root also helps to produce more sperm, boost libido and improve well-being (by reducing your cortisol levels).
  • Nettle Roots: Prostate research has shown that this plant promotes testosterone levels by preventing it from converting to estrogen. Used for centuries in traditional oriental medicine, it is also an excellent antioxidant that will improve your blood circulation. It allows to naturally inflate the penile tissues, and to gain several centimeters in size and circumference.
  • The saw palmetto: the fruit extract of this plant would allow the body to produce more DHT, and thus significantly improve sexual health. The dwarf palm also boosts libido.

By cons, there is no indication on the amount of each ingredient in a tablet. Which would have been a plus in my opinion.

Vigarin dosage to follow?

Although Vigarin can be considered effective in view of its composition and research conducted on these effects, it is still necessary to follow the dosage indicated by its manufacturer. In general, always read the leaflet of dietary supplements that you ingest. This will allow you to boost their effectiveness and avoid any side effects.

For Vigarin: it is advisable to take two capsules a day. If you are planning to have sex and have an immediate boost to get a better erection, take your daily dose about 45 minutes before. Absorb it with a large glass of water so that it is digested more easily.

One of the benefits of Vigarin is to have very limited risks of side effects. I did not even encounter any problem during the month during which I tested this dietary supplement. And from what I read on the forums dedicated to this product, the only difficulty that causes it to take is to have difficulty managing his sexual desire in case of celibacy.

The ingredients in the Vigarin composition have been seriously tested in laboratories, it is easier to trust this stimulant than another product on which we would have much less information. If you have any doubts, or have any contraindications (including cardiac or if you have high blood pressure), it will nevertheless be more prudent to consult a health professional before starting a test of Vigarin.

Vigarin Reviews: Does this product really work?

Now that you know a little more about the operating principle of Vigarin and its composition, let’s move on to what I thought after using it. Unlike other stimulants that I discovered on the Internet, this product made me immediately comfortable because of the clinical studies that had been conducted on its effects. I do not have problems of powerlessness strictly speaking, but I was looking for a natural and safe complement to consume that can help me last longer. And to stimulate my libido, a bit at half mast right now.

So I started taking Vigarin on a regular basis. The results were quite satisfactory. In the short term, it really allowed me to have better erections and last longer. I do not think it can be attributed to a form of placebo, as it has been the case every time I took a capsule of Vigarin before my reports. On the other hand, we must respect the latency, which is a bit long in my opinion. This is not an optimal solution for spontaneous sex. At the same time, Vigarin is much more accessible than a stimulant like Viagra. And available without a prescription.

For enlargement of the penis, I have not seen any significant improvements. From what I read on the forums, it should be taken over a longer period (at least two to three months). But I was not ready for such a commitment, since I am satisfied by the size of my sex.

Vigarin Benefits:

In my opinion, Vigarin has many benefits, including those to improve your sexual performance. Its composition shows very clearly that it improves the flow of blood to the sex, which makes it possible to band more easily and for a longer time. Having been tested in the laboratory is also a big plus compared to its competitors.

After taking it for a month, I could see:

  • an improvement in the quality of my erections which were more vigorous;
  • a marked improvement in my stamina;
  • a boost for my libido and my energy levels (during and outside of my relationship).


By taking a closer look at the composition of Vigarin, I found that the ingredients rather improve the blood circulation. And less boost testosterone levels. So I do not think this is the best solution if it is precisely this point that you want to improve to have better sex.

Even though there is a lot of information on the ingredients present, no precise data is given on their quantity or the quality of the selected plant extracts. I also had a lot of trouble finding independent reviews on the Vigarin website, as much of what is published about it is directly shared by the manufacturer. But it is still possible to read objective opinions on the forums. I also share some below.

Also be careful when placing an order on the site. After buying my first bottle of Vigarin, I realized that I had been automatically registered for a monthly fee. It is not very clear if they allow me to benefit from interesting reductions or extra capsules. So be careful when buying Vigarin.

The opinion of other users

I always read other users’ feedback before buying a product. Especially if I intend to ingest it daily. So I peeled the comments of men who have already ordered and tested Vigarin for me a little idea. Here are some relevant testimonials.

 “My libido problems started when I changed jobs for a position of responsibility. It was very exciting at first, but all this stress resulted in a significant drop in my desire. And I gradually had problems to hard (with my girlfriend that I frequent for 6 months). It started to become a troublesome problem in our relationship, and I felt more and more frustrated. So I decided to test different sexual stimulants. And I must say that Vigarin is the one that convinced me the most. 

 Its natural composition and the fact that it has been scientifically tested reassured me. And from the first days, I could observe a clear improvement of my libido. I followed a cure of 2 months, and my sexual relations are now in good shape with my partner. Who is also delighted that I decided to take this boost of testosterone. Paul, 30 years old. 

 “It’s not always easy to have a fulfilling sex life and an overwhelming desire when you’re over 50 years old. I thought I would never have a problem there, and yet … Rather than ostrich, I decided to take things in my own hands and test Vigarin. The results were a little lacking, but after 45 minutes, I noticed that my erection was stronger. In the long run, my libido has improved. I also had more energy in bed, and in my everyday life “Gerard, 55 years old. 

 “I’m only 25, so taking a sexual stimulant was nonsense. And yet, after doing my sex education watching a lot of movie X, I started to feel the negative impact it had on my sex life. I was very anxious about not satisfying my partner. Or do not bend long enough to make her cum. I started to learn about the issue and realized that this small “mechanical” problem could not stop me from being happy and having healthy relationships. So I ordered Vigarin, and I do not regret it. Since I took this add-on, I did not have any breakdowns. I even gained 2 cm penis size, which also allowed me to regain self-confidence. ” Matias, 25 years old. 

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