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Virimax – a remedy that is advertised on the Internet for prostate problems. According to the manufacturer’s promise, these capsules can also help treat potency problems. Problems or disorders of the prostate are no longer just an age problem for men. More and more younger men are also suffering from various diseases of the genitourinary system.

For this reason we wanted to find out what is really hidden behind the preparation. In the following article you can read our results on Virimax.


What is Virimax?

Behind the name Virimax is a remedy that is said to be effective against prostate problems. In addition to relieving pain, the capsules are also said to help normalize prostate size. In this way, not only can erections be improved, but also the male libido.

In addition, the contents of the capsules reduce the urge to urinate and promise normal urination. Any complaints of the prostate and one’s own potency should be treated or improved by taking Virimax.

Virimax Advertises with fake doctor

During our research on the Virimax sales page, the expert report by a Dr. Tomas noticed. The urologist with his 23 years of professional experience allegedly recommends the capsules to his patients. When reading the text, we not only noticed that some of the written sentences make no sense at all and definitely cannot come from a medical professional. We also recognized the photo used by the manufacturer.

We discovered this photo on the sales pages when we were researching the Erogan and Erofertil products. We have already been able to reveal these two products as ineffective. The person in the picture is the well-known urologist Prof. Dr. Wolf F. Wieland, who has worked at the Regensburg Josefskrankenhaus for many years. The photo was misused by the manufacturer and actually comes from the dpa archive. Prof. Dr. Wolf F. Wieland has nothing to do with the Virimax capsules in real life and does not officially advertise this preparation.

We also noticed that the three sales pages look identical and that the same manufacturer is always hiding behind the products. The stolen photo of the doctor can be found on all three websites, but a different name was used again and again.

On another sales page for the capsules, we found another report from a medical professional. He is called Gerald Graser there and allegedly practices as a specialist in andrology and sexology. In truth, however, it is Denis Georgievich Olisov, who works as a sports doctor and also has nothing to do with Virimax.

Both expert opinions were falsified by the Virimax manufacturer and the associated images were misused. This is not about the assessment or evaluation of medical professionals, but only about fakes that are supposed to mislead customers.

ViriMax reviews

Virimax Male Enhancement Dosage:

The description of the intake and dosage on the manufacturer’s sales page is very difficult to understand. According to the manufacturer’s recommendation, Virimax should be taken daily. The capsules are color-coded for this purpose.

A colored capsule should be taken in the morning and a colorless one in the evening. The user must ensure that the correct Virimax capsule is taken at any time of the day. The manufacturer states that the intake should take place over 30 days.

Virimax Ingredients:

The manufacturer promises that all Virimax ingredients are purely herbal and natural. Accordingly, the capsules should also be well tolerated. The active ingredients listed on the sales page are red root, musk, beaver and antlers of the Altai Maral.

  • Red root: The active ingredients of this root improve the blood circulation in the urogenital area. In addition, the immune system is strengthened.
  • Musk Beaver: This ingredient has strengthening, healing and anti-inflammatory properties. It also serves to strengthen the reproductive organs.
  • Antlers of the Altai Maral: It has been used as a natural sexual enhancer for centuries and helps to reduce the urge to urinate. On another page of the product, however, the manufacturer specifies other ingredients for the Virimax capsules. It contains saw palmetto, bark of the African plum and pumpkin seeds.

Strangely enough, we do not find any information about the above-mentioned ingredients on another sales page of the manufacturer. The following active ingredients are specified here:

  • Saw Palmetto: Due to the immune-stimulating effect, the enlargement of the prostate can be favored.
  • Bark of the African plum: As the manufacturer states, the bark of the African plum is also found in the Virimax capsules. This active ingredient reduces swelling and inflammation of the prostate. This active ingredient can also be used to prevent tumors.
  • Pumpkin seeds: Pumpkin seeds have long been recognized as an effective way of reducing the urge to urinate. The function of the prostate can also be positively influenced with these seeds.

It is extremely strange and not particularly trustworthy that the manufacturer publishes different information about the ingredients of Virimax, since it is one and the same preparation.

Are there any side effects and intolerances?

According to the manufacturer, side effects are not to be expected when taking Virimax, as only natural and purely herbal ingredients are used. Due to the different information regarding the ingredients, however, it cannot be said exactly which active ingredients are actually contained in the capsules.

For this reason, side effects or other negative side effects cannot be completely ruled out. Especially since herbal preparations in connection with an allergy or hypersensitivity to one or more active ingredients can cause undesirable symptoms.

Due to the inaccurate information provided by the manufacturer regarding the ingredients, we advise against taking the Virimax capsules, as the user does not know which active ingredients are actually in the capsules.

Where can you buy Virimax?

You can only buy Virimax via the manufacturer’s sales page. These capsules cannot be ordered on trading platforms such as eBay or Amazon, or in other online shops. In addition, the preparation is not offered in drugstores such as Rossmann or dm. While other agents are also available in pharmacies or online pharmacies, this is not the case with Virimax.


Detect prostatitis in Time:

Virimax should also be able to be used with an existing prostatitis. This is an inflammation of the prostate that shows the first symptoms early on. The first signs include difficulty urinating and blood in the urine or semen. Later on, incontinence and impotence are added.

Frequently Asked Questions

Problems or complaints with the prostate are no longer uncommon among men. Some complaints can occur even at a young age. Find out what you need to know about prostatitis and other ailments in the following questions and answers. You can also find more information about the Virimax capsules here.

Virimax Rating:

Problems with the prostate or erection have long ceased to be a problem of age in men. More and more younger men are also suffering from these complaints. It is therefore important to be able to rely on the effectiveness of a product. However, Virimax did not convince us.

The manufacturer advertises with fake expert and customer opinions as well as with stolen photos. In addition, different information regarding the ingredients is published. This way, users cannot know for sure which active ingredients they are actually taking.

For the reasons mentioned, we do not classify the capsules as effective and also cannot recommend Virimax to our readers.

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