Warm Up Exercises

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Warm up Exercises: Warming up before having exercises is very important because the body becomes ready for stressful movements. But, we have seen several people, who skip warm ups to save time or for any other reason. It is not healthy and can cause very dangerous effects to the body. Your muscles can hurt very badly of you do not warm up before starting real exercises. Although, it does not play an important role in providing the best muscle mass or in body building process itself, but it is very important for getting ready for the hard work.

Why Warm Up is Important?

The first thing for which Warming up before starting any exercise is important is to prepare your muscles and joints for workouts. If you do not do this, your muscles will be stiff and will be hurt by the exercises. So, no matter where you go, you always see that the body builders and other people start their workouts by warming up their bodies before. So, if you do not want to stay in bed for warm up exercisesweeks just because of injuring your muscles, then you need to warm up before starting to work out!

Secondly, if you warm up exercises, then you will be able to get better results, because the body will be completely ready to have extra and effective exercises. This way, by only spending a few minutes for warming up, you will be able to get the results you have been wanting for all this time. Although warm is never provides the muscle building results, but it is very important for improving your chance of getting the desired results in a safer and better way.

You can have a better blood flow when you start warm up exercises, which will let you workout for a longer time due to the constant provision of energy. You can exercise for a longer time period, which will also help in building a huge muscle mass in only a few days. Warming up will also useful for managing the heart and prevents from huge spikes in the blood pressure, because you are already having little exercises.

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Some Easy & Common Warm Up Exercises:

There are different exercises that you can do as warm up exercises. Following are some very common exercises that you may already know about!

  1. The Butt Kicker

It is a very useful exercise that helps in preparing your legs for the workouts. So, if you are focusing on leg exercises more, then you need to do this exercise for preparing your leg muscles and joints for the hard exercises. You can do it by touching your rear with heels quickly, and it will help in warming up every lower part of the body. Switch your legs constantly and you are good to go for the real exercise routine.

  1. Jumping Jacks

It is the most common and best warm up exercise for your body and all you need to do is to stand straight and then jump in such a movement that your feet spread out and your hands go above to your head. You can reverse your movement when you go back to your original position.

  1. Lunge & Twist

It is a very useful exercise for improving the cardio activities and keeps your legs, arms and chest ready for a hard workout. For this exercise, you need to lunge forward your right leg and keep your left leg fixed on a place. After that, you have to twist the upper body to the left side and do not separate your hands. After that, you can reverse your body back to the original position and then lunge forward with the other leg & repeat the process for right side. This way, you will have a great warm up exercise for the all of the body.

  1. Knee to Chest

There are couples of different ways to do this exercise, which you can do in the way you like. For first method, you need to stand still and then lift up your knee. Then grab it and stretch it even more, which is a great warm up for preparing legs for the hard workouts. In the second method, you need to mimic the running strides, in which you have to raise your knees as much as possible, and your hands must not touch the knees. This way, not only your cardio activity will improve but also, your blood flow and oxygen will increase, which is important for a better workout.

There are several other warm up exercises that you can find and do and it will be very useful for you to prepare your body for intense workouts without hurting your health and body. so, make sure you do these exercises, not for building muscles but for preparing your body to have better results after the exercises you do for body building!

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